The country where everything is prohibited : IRAN


How can we be sure of our freedoms? Is freedom simply the lack of four walls? Imagine someone interfering with your appearance or the music you are listening to. Let me extend even further: someone who interferes with your beliefs, the food you consume, the people you hang out with…  This person isn’t a member of your family; he is from the state. The state I’m talking about is the Islamic Republic of Iran. In other terms, the land of the forbidden. Iran has a wide range of laws. These laws may appear interesting or bizarre to us. The individuals who do not comply with the laws face harsh penalties. Let’s take a look at the restrictions in Iran…

The usage of head scarfs to conceal hair.

I wanted to begin with possibly Iran’s most well-known restriction. Since Iran adopted the Islamic government, religion has had a direct impact on the country’s policies. In the nation, women are forced to wear a headscarf in order to avoid seducing men. As a result, Iranian and tourist women are obliged to wear a headscarf. However, the public has begun to bend these rules over time, and the headscarf is now worn halfway, as shown in the image below. Furthermore, Iranian women are not permitted to wear short-sleeved clothing for the same reason. Men are not allowed to wear short shorts. As you can imagine, men and women cannot swim in the same pool together. No one in Iran, regardless of gender, can wear tight-fitting jeans. This is because such pants are an indication of homosexuality. The second reason is that it is prohibited by the religion of Islam since it provokes the opposing sex. As a result, there are separate private pools for men women in Iran.

Is it forbidden to hold hands?

One of the restrictions in Iran is holding the other sex’s hand and hugging them. It is not only illegal, but it is also unwelcome in society. Except for children, this rule applies to all age groups. For instance, a young person aged 19-20 may not be welcome to walk while holding the hand of their mother or aunt. Kissing in public can cause severe issues, even for married couples. As a result, flirting with the opposite sex is regarded differently than in other cultures.

Alcohol is one of the most well-known prohibitions.

We are all aware that drug use is illegal in many countries. Alcohol usage is also strictly prohibited in Iran. Alcohol is not purchasable in the country. However, people attempt illegal ways to get it. Even so, people do not have complete trust in these dealers. Many deaths or permanent diseases have been reported as a result of the products sold by them.

Listening to Western music

It is forbidden to listen to Western music, mostly English or Latin languages found in Europe and America, in Iran. Administrators believe that this music would poison the country and lead to immorality. As a result, listening to this music on television, radio, or in public is prohibited. Furthermore, rap and rock music are completely prohibited in the country for the same reason.

The wizarding world, in other words Harry potter, is at the forefront of prohibitions.

Iranian government authorities do not think well of the Harry Potter films and novels. All Harry Potter movies and novels are prohibited in Iran because they contradict Islamic principles. Iranian clerics believe that movies and novels are produced under the direct influence of evil entities.

Western brands are also prohibited.

Just like in music, famous food and clothing brands, mostly American brands, are also banned in Iran. Although it includes a religious reason, the primary factor is Iran’s long-standing political conflicts with the United States. As a result, the consumption of American products is completely prohibited in Iran.

There is extensive censorship on the Internet.

Internet censorship in Iran is one of the most absurd things we hear in the age of technology. In Iran, Google and Gmail are highly restricted. Furthermore, all e-mails and browser searches are recorded and controlled by the government.. Furthermore, all social media apps and video platforms, such as YouTube, are completely prohibited. All Iranians, however, may access these applications by utilizing VPN applications. Furthermore, certain sites, such as gambling sites, porn sites, and unlawful broadcasting sites, are prohibited.

The Da Vinci Code

One of the most interesting restrictions is Da Vinci’s code. It was forbidden because of describing the history of God.

Barbie dolls are also one of the prohibitions.

Dolls, mannequins, and sculptures are all considered depictions of the human body. This is considered idolatry in Iran. Barbie dolls are prohibited because they are Western wannabes. It is strictly forbidden to dress lifeless mannequins in a way that reveals their body curves.


It is obvious that homosexuality is a controversial subject all around the world. However, it would be incorrect to state that there is a debate in Iran. Homosexuality is regarded as completely immoral there, as well as a crime against humanity and the human spirit. In Iran, homosexual acts can result in a sentence of 100 lashes or the death penalty.

Is it illegal to dance?

It would not seem unusual that dancing is prohibited in a country with so many restrictions. Except for the local dances, dances such as ballet, hip-hop aerobics and Zumba sre all banned on the grounds that they are against Iranian culture.

We cannot choose where we are born in this world. Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are. It should not be forgotten that freedom, which is our most basic right in this life, is a dream for some societies. Freedom is not just being able to go out, freedom is being yourself without anyone’s permission.

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  1. as a Iranian, i can completely confirm all of the things listed above, although I’ve escaped from that hell of a country it’s still where i was born and grew up so its quite hard to forget it.


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