Five travel ideas for your Erasmus in Thessaloniki

Travel idea for Erasmus in Thessaloniki: Kavourotripes Beach in Chalkidiki
Travel idea for Erasmus in Thessaloniki: Kavourotripes Beach in Chalkidiki

Looking for travel ideas for your Erasmus in Thessaloniki?
For everyone who’s going to spend some months in this beautiful city, here’s a list of activities and adventures to collect for a fully enjoyable Erasmus-style experience!

Hike on Mount Olympus

A travel idea for Erasmus in Thessaloniki: Mount Olympus
Mitikas, the highest peak of Mount Olympus. Ph: Martin Naništa

Olympus is probably one of the most famous mountains in the world. Although hiking to the top is nothing easy, it is totally worthy to start from the seaside and slowly ascend along the canyon and the forest, all the way up to the peaks at almost 3000mt. So, are you ready to meet the Gods? To get an idea, you can read about the experience of a bunch of brave volunteers!

Visit an island

Skiathos Island
A view of Skiathos Island. Ph: Agnieszka Trygar

When it comes to islands, Greece offers plenty of choices for every taste and every budget. Which one is your favorite? You can also say “all of them”! Before going, you can: read this article about a trip to Skiathos; watch this video about an adventure in Lefkada; read about a trip to Santorini; look at some cool pictures to start tasting its beauty.

Visit Chalkidiki

Kavourotripes Beach in Chalkidiki
Kavourotripes Beach in Chalkidiki. Ph: Martin Naništa

Some of the most amazing beaches in Greece are located on this three-fingered peninsula not far from Thessaloniki. You can enjoy the lively first finger, Kassandra, and party in the beach bars; or relax in the quieter second finger, Sithonia; and explore the wilder third finger, Athos, which is still mostly untouched. Notice that the southern part belongs to a monastic complex, accessible only by men and following very strict rules. If you like the idea, you can read about the adventures of some volunteers in Chalkidiki.

Sleep on the beach

A travel idea for Erasmus in Thessaloniki: sleep on the beach
Sleeping on the beach in Thassos island. Ph: Marleen Müts

Even though free camping is forbidden by the law, while traveling you might need to spend the night outside. But in summer, if you are lucky with the storms, it will be warm enough to sleep on the beach. It will be amazing to have the sea only for yourself for a night swim! Moreover, in some places, you will be able to witness the phenomenon of bioluminescence. It feels like swimming among the stars!

Visit Meteora

View of Meteora
A view of Meteora. Ph: Martin Naništa

Greece is not only beautiful beaches and amazing sea. For example, in the area of Meteora, monasteries have been built on top of high rocks. The breathtaking scenery will not deceive you: that magic atmosphere has no equal in the world. If you are curious about it, you can see some amazing pictures of it, watch a video with some ideas about a roadtrip, or consider it for a winter visit.

These are just some suggestions of travel ideas for an Erasmus in Thessaloniki, but there is much more to do, for every taste!
I wish you a nice experience and to enjoy your stay!

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