In pictures: Climate Strike in Thessaloniki


The Global Climate Strike took place in many countries from 20 to 27 September 2019 as part of the “Fridays for the Future” movement. These protests happened in 2,600 cities in 160 countries. Thereby, many climate activists took part in a global general strike on Friday. It was the largest ecological demonstration in the world.

As the rest of the world, Thessaloniki had is protest too on 27 September 2019. This climate strike was the largest the city had ever seen. 

The gathering

Protesters carried banners written like: “There is No Planet B”, “Stop Denying the Earth is Dying” and “Like the Ocean We Rise”. 

The march

These same slogans repeated the words of Greta Thunberg. She launched the third wave of protests as the biggest climate event all over the world. The main purpose of the protests is to pressure governments to take action to protect the climate as quickly as possible.

Ph. credit: Irfan Isik

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