The Hidden Beach of Thessaloniki


The Hidden Beach, named by tourists, is a Greek gem, right on the edge of a gulf in Thessaloniki. It is located in Aggelochori, Michaniona Thessalonikis.

A beautiful beach that streches both ways of Aggelochori, which is reachable by a bunch of different busses and a 15 minute walk on the pebble road or by car.

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You are greeted with a wide opening view on the center of Thessaloniki across sea. Surrounded by cliffs, you can also walk beside them. Left and right of the opening, you can choose a place to settle.

There is many bushes that make shadow and even a small bunker, decorated with seashells and rooftop from palm leafs.

The bunker on The Hidden Beach of Thessaloniki.
The shoreline of The Hidden Beach in Thessaloniki.

Is The Hidden Beach really that hidden?

Because the beach is pinned on Google maps, people find it easily. But it is not so known to tourists. They usually don’t look up for it. If they find it by accident, they can see some pictures people posted but is nothing compared as to what you see in reality.

This, being a wild beach, has no toilets or bars. There is also no lights. If you are planning on spending the whole day there, it is best to prepare your backpack with some food, water and other essentials.

For people who like wild beaches, swimming with dogs, peace and quiet, this is a perfect one to explore. Beach is made of sand and you can walk down the sea shore barefoot. Be careful to not get injured.

Beside that, you can attempt many sporting activities such as fishing, windsurfing and snorkeling. It is a wonderful place to spend time with your children, while they make sand castles on the shore.

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