Mother’s Day


We might perceive Mother’s Day as a modern phenomenon, but celebrations of mothers and motherhood itself actually go back many years. Mother’s day origin dates back to the age of Ancient Romans and the Greek. Over two millennia ago, the Greek dedicated this day to maternal goddesses that were held in the annual festival during the spring season. They used to honor the day by appreciating Rhea, who was the wife of Cronus and the mother of all the deities in the mythology of the Greeks.

Mother’s Day is now an international event and it is celebrated in many countries throughout the world. In the beginning, this idea to celebrate the modern Mother’s day came up in the USA in order to celebrate the grief of the mothers who had lost their sons during the war. Then, throughout the years, it got turned into a day during which people used to thanks their mothers for everything they do and for the love that they give us every day.

So why are we celebrating mothers’ day, you might ask. Well, there are countless reasons. First of all, mothers are the first beings to welcome a child on the surface of the earth, they are its first teachers they also are the origin of everything. A mother undoubtedly plays the most vital role in our overall development. Her importance and significance in our life are superlative to all the other possessions as well as the unconditional love and devotion are incomparable to everything else in this world. The love of our mothers is usually the first and deepest love that we come across; no matter what you do, you know that your mother will always love you. Mothers positively engrave on all the needs and desires of their own children, without prevailing in any area, but witnessing leading in all: she is a “factotum” figure, necessary for every eventuality. She is able to understand her children, she knows how to listen, gives suggestions and can be a sister, friend, confident. Besides all of these things, she posses all the right experience and the know-how of making the committed errors understandable. Mother is, in the end, the source of all the necessary serenity and joy that her child needs. The affection for a mother is the greatest love story that we have in our hearts and the most important one to tell.

Thus we should all wish on this occasion a great thank you to our mothers for their unconditional love and care. 🙂

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