Where is unemployment going?


In this blog article I would like to briefly present nine main reasons why young people can not successfully find work these days. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of the present times and thus the graduation from university becomes a fearful dream to many young people. Greece has also experienced a significant growth of unemployment rate in connection with university graduates. For all of these reasons, it I find it very fitting to analyse the reasons why it is difficult for young people to find a job after finishing of the university.

1. Many of the current universities provide an educational programs that are inefficient and unfitting for the current job market. These studying programs might be interesting to study in theory, but in practice they lack the realities of the working life and they are unable to provide adequate equipment in the sense of recognizing themselves.

2. When an university graduate takes a look at the job advertisements, they usually look for the employees that have at least 2 years of experience. This causes the newly graduated individuals to have low motivation, because it is very hard to get these two years of experience out of nowhere.

3. One of the most important and most frustrating reasons is that job market contains also a lot of middle-aged individuals, which continue to work because they are waiting for retirement.

4. When it comes to males, having completed military service is one of the prerequisites for successful finding of the job, which once again unnecessarily complicates the process of getting employed.

5. Another problem is that the University graduates do not want to receive the same salary people who are not university graduates. In addition, they state that they do not want to do jobs that “high school graduates can do”, but we can also add that they do not want to work in jobs within their own field. For an young person, this high requirements make the process of finding a job even more complicated.

6. Despite the 4 years of university completion, individuals are oftentimes still afraid to use their English language skills actively. This problem can be most observable especially when it comes to written form of their expression.

7. Another problem that complicates the process of successful employment of young people is the amount of unnecessary references that they add to their biographies nowadays and thus they turn their CVs into torpedoes. This fact is painful but true. It is also very common to find a lot of people who find work only thanks to the nepotism.

8. There are also many different studying fields in the curricula of universities that most of us have never heard of. As days go by these departments are graduating, but employers do not even have any interest in employing graduates from these fields into their departments.

9. Last thing that I have to say in connection with this topic is that a lot of young people nowadays are forced to work in a cafes, restaurants, bars as a waiter during 10 hours, although they get very little salary. This reality is truly alarming, because many of these university graduates has indeed finished in very ambitious fields (such as languages, international relationship, etc.) and now they have to work below their standards.

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