Irene Con Amigos #7: Psychoanalyzing love

Very special guest today at Irene con amigos! Very famous psychologist from University of Tallinn will be in the studio to answer questions about problems in relationship! Send your questions to Irene and Agnieszka, they will ask Doc. Marleen!

Irene con Random Radio Show: Valentine’s Day #Part2

Irene goes random…con Amigos! 💖Don’t miss the Special Episode of our very famous Radio Show and brace yourselves for the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day ever!💖

Music Odyssey: Sweet ‘n’ Tasty

How is sweetness represented in music? In this episode of Music Odyssey, Filip, Sacha and Arianna try to answer this question by listening to different songs that are out there. This special episode is dedicated to our friend and ACT volunteer Clément Lebrun on the occasion of his birthday!

Irene Con Amigos #4: Back to the market after break up

It can be difficult to reincorporate to the love market after a break. 💔😩But don’t worry! Irene con amigos is here to help you! 💃

Music Odyssey: Dreamy songs

Dreams are very important for most people. Have you ever wondered how the theme of dreams could be expressed through music? Then you have come to the right place! In this episode of Music Odyssey, Filip, Sacha and guest Manuela talk about dreamy songs, the expression of dreams in music, and their own dreams. Enjoy and dream on!