Tell me how you drink the coffee
and I’ll tell you who you are

Coffee. Without doubts European countries are affected by this culture. Coffee is a pleasure – sometimes a need – that a large number of people claim to be almost dependent. Swiftly consumed at the bar counter. Slowly drank at a bar table for hours. Greece boasts – as well as Turkey and the Balkans – a deeply rooted coffee tradition. Despite the fact that in recent years the fashion of Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso is depopulated, Greek coffee remains a peculiarity.

Thessaloniki mou, let the music play

“If even Hyppocrates said that the music is the cure for diseases, why right us, the Greeks, should not play everywhere and always?”. This is the question of Alexandros, the 23 year-old street guitarist, born and raised in Thessaloniki. Alexandros is one of the many musicians who came together to protest Sunday, Dec 11th on the long promenade of the capital city of Macedonia.

The Students of the Umberto Primo, from a theatrical play to an open space museum

There are many ways to remember and one of the most effective is to remember telling. When you tell, you share, you transmit and it is created a much stronger and lasting memory. And when memory is combined with the art, well, it becomes a very powerful force.

Just that kind of force was transmitted by the guys of the Dream Team, the students of the first class of Gimnasium and the first class of Liceum of Fine Arts through the theatrical performance Oi Mathites Tou Oumperto Primo – The Students of the Umberto Primo – in the Mégaro Mousikís Thessaloníkis.

Tsiknopempti, the “Fat Thursday” in Thessaloniki

Music, balloons, masks and of course souvlakia. This the receipt for the Greek Carnival that took place on the 16th February, in Thessaloniki. The name of this particular day in Greek is Tsiknopempti, which literally means “Fat Thursday” and according to the tradition is the day when you can “exaggerate” before the period of Apocria (literally without meat).