New Era of Art: AI

artificial intelligence in art

We are kind of used to developments such as the exhibition of art in different forms and the artists trying new trends. However, developing art creation has recently begun rapidly changing all we know. If you are ready, I am explaining this technology that has already started to lead to significant developments in the history of art: Artificial Intelligence!

So let’s think for a moment now; can Artificial Intelligence make art? The basic answer to that would be yes! Today, pictures and poems can be made through software. Okay, but do these works have artistic value? For example, a software called MidJourney can create images with people’s words. So what are the limits of this artificial intelligence?

burlesque kermit the frog as painted by Degas
“burlesque kermit the frog as painted by Degas”

Artificial intelligence applications are becoming indispensable in our lives day by day. Although significant progress has yet to be made in ethical and legal debates, the ‘artworks’ produced by these tools, which we call productive artificial intelligence, dominate the internet.

Artificial Intelligence Art Is Everywhere!

Every day, we come across more and more artificial intelligence art products on the internet. However, I can never forget a sentence I said to myself at the very beginning: “I can never imagine myself creating something using these apps. It’s so unnecessary. Art is human-made.” It has been months since my words, and yes, you guessed it right, I started using artificial intelligence art too!

First of all, let me tell you the truth: the machine that produces unique work for you by typing the words in your mind may not always be functional. However, what I like most about these applications is that they give me ideas and hold my hand when I feel stuck and unable to produce a new product.

Alan Turing once said: ‘Can machines think?’ This should begin with definitions of the meaning of the terms’ machine’ and ‘think’. The definitions might be framed to reflect so far as possible the regular use of the words, but this attitude is dangerous.

exhibition view from Refik Anadol
exhibition view from Refik Anadol

After this sentence, my inquiries about artificial intelligence applications took a different dimension. and I started thinking about the question: “How did we manage to make the machines so humanoid?” The various research I have done and the insights I have gained from people whose knowledge I trust on this subject have yet to really help shape my thoughts. Yes, creativity and design processes no longer belong only to artists, original artists. Yes, art is losing its meaning. But, maybe in this century, we live in, that was supposed to happen anyway.

I will need more time to decide on the ethical side of artificial intelligence. 

Let’s Look at some of the Applications

MidJourney: MidJourney is actually the name of the lab that developed this artificial intelligence. To use artificial intelligence, you need to enter the MidJourney Discord server. Then, all you need to do to have the artificial intelligence draw the picture you want is to go to one of the Discord text channels and enter a command. The Discord bot will then detect your command and prepare four images within a minute. MidJorney offers users free trial rights, but you must subscribe for long-term use.

Dall-e 2: This tool, developed by OpenAI, is a visual processing artificial intelligence. One of the reasons why this program differs from its peers and makes it so popular is that it uses a machine learning method called Generative Adversarial Network.

Visual processing algorithms realize new productions by using the images in the library determined according to the inputs from the user. This is one of my favourite tools out of all the applications.

Creation by Dall-e 2
Creation by Dall-e 2 This artificial intelligence tool creates a pattern based on the words we enter. You can use these patterns in the background of some designs, as wallpaper for your phone or just as an inspiration. Moreover, it gives a package that we can use for free.

There are many more tools other than those I have listed, and the operation behind each of them is different. Which of these software, which aims to reveal the works of art of the future, is more valuable? Or does the artistic production of these tools satisfy you? Well, I guess we all have some time to get used to these at some point!

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