Anna Sorokin and the Art of Deception


Unmasking the Allure of Scam Culture in Modern Society

Recently, I stumbled upon an article about a Woman who posed as a rich German heiress, pulling off a scheme that fooled New York’s high society and swindled them of a substantial amount of money. Sounds crazy right? This Woman was known as Anna Delvey but her real name is Anna Sorokin.

When I discovered this captivating crime case, I found myself searching the rest of the day for information about this audacious scammer. As I delved deep into her life, I was fascinated by the intricacies of her story. This exploration led me to contemplate the ease with which individuals can deceive others. Reflecting on personal experiences involving deceit (for example lying about something to someone), I pondered the dynamics within our generation, the one preceding us and also how we engage with social platforms in our interconnected digital age.

Anna Delveys Background

Anna Sorokin was born in Russia. Her early life was ordinary, with her father working as a truck driver and her mother managing a small supermarket. Later she and her family moved to Germany where she from now on went to school. Her classmates describe her as a quiet yet intelligent student.

After her graduation, Anna moved to London to study at an art school, but she never did and went back to Germany where she worked in a PR Agency. After that she did an internship in Paris. After that she was flying to New York to be there for fashion week, where she made important contacts under the alias Anna Delvey, claiming to be the daughter of a millionaire art financier.

Rise and Fall

Immersed in the world of art, fashion, and startups, Anna navigated through the high society, residing in luxurious hotels and dining at elite restaurants, all founded by seemingly unlimited credit cards. She established a private art foundation, aiming to attract donations and affluent members. However, her deceptive charade came crashing down when discrepancies in her financial transactions raised suspicions. Unpaid bills and mounting concerns led to a police investigation, and led to her getting arrested in October 2017.

Exploring Anna´s Social Media

A glimpse into Anna’s social media reveals in my opinion a visually appealing and controlled aesthetic. As I scrolled down her page, her posts filled me with nostalgia, transporting me to a different time. With images showcasing art galleries such as the Koeniggalerie in Berlin or the Gagosian Gallery in Paris. Picturesque cities like Venice and Dubrovnik etc. Hotel rooms, yachts and jets. All that was very well curated with a harmonious color scheme. Her profile really projected the image of a creative millionaire’s daughter. Reflecting on the time when Instagram was still in its outset, her adept use of aesthetics underscored the ease with which one could fabricate an enticing narrative.She was ahead of others in her use of it.

Social Media Influence Today

Looking at Anna’s early Instagram posts makes me ponder the evolution of social media and its prevalence for self-promotion. With influencers and easy-to-use image-editing tools, the line between reality and fiction blurs. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. This shows the power of making things look good. Anna’s profile was relatively private and didn’t involve as much as showing off compared to today’s influencers who often share heavily edited body and face pictures using Photoshop.  

Desire for a Flawless Image

In our time of using social media a lot is the shared desire to showcase our best selves. We all aim to present an idealized version of our lives on these platforms, contributing to the complexity of navigating truth and fiction online. In today’s era especially on the internet, the boundaries are becoming less clear. What still qualifies as innocent self presentation and artistic freedom, and when does it transition into serious deception and misuse of information?

What about Anna now?

 After her time in prison, Anna Sorokin was released in 2021 for good behavior. Presently under house arrest in Manhattan, she has shifted focus to selling her artwork, hosting a podcast, and participating in interviews.

Even though she’s a fraudster, she still grabs a lot of people’s attention. More than 1,1 million subscribers follow her. They are drawn to her account, much like reading a diary, just as I did.

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