Balkan Beats 46 – Cultural Heritage & Migration


“Cultural heritage represents the totality of all traditions, customs, knowledge and artifacts of a particular group, which have been inherited from past generations. It includes both tangible and intangible elements of human history. These constitute the identity of a specific community and for this reason are considered valuable and worthy of preservation, for the benefit of future generations.

However, it is also true that all these elements, which characterize a single group, are not immutable and especially not immune from intertwining with the ones of a different community. Migrations are an example of how cultural heritage is part of a change that so many countries have embraced over the years.

In this edition of Balkan Beats, volunteers from the “H2O Health and Heritage, Opportunities for a Life of Change” project immersed themselves in this world of monuments, timeless treasures, music, sports, as well as common idioms, memories of travels and forced exoduses. Experiences that helped form intercultural communities and a mixed heritage brewed of sharing and rebuilding.

Outside and inside of Hellenic borders, before and after the irreversible exchange of Turkish and Greek populations, a look at their tangible and intangible heritage, and its impact in the contemporary world.”

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