LA BELLA ITALIA: Exploring the Most Beautiful Cities


Going abroad, travelling and visiting different cities is the dream of many of us. What we often need to realise this dream is time…One of the most beautiful opportunities of volunteering in Europe is the time you have to travel. While doing Erasmus, you have enough time to suddenly make a plan and travel to a different country, different cities. In order to experience and savour the spirit of each city as much as possible, sometimes hitting the road can be the best decision you make.  I wanted to share with you some photos from my two-week holiday in Italy. 

I started my Italy plan from Naples and then continued with Rome, Florence, Pisa, Bologna and Venice. During my journey, I met very nice people and made nice friends while walking on the streets, travelling by train and in the places I stayed. Since I went on holiday at a time when many tourists flocked to cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice, I had difficulties in finding a hostel to stay from time to time, but I can say that this made my holiday more adventurous.


The city of Naples has a different structure from the classic cities of Italy. While cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence welcome you like a tourist, in Naples it is possible to both live like a tourist and feel the local spirit of the city. Naples is really a very lively and colourful city. While visiting the city, you will meet a different face of Italy with its historical districts, narrow and cute streets, small shops.


Our second stop after Naples is Rome, the heart of western civilisation. Rome is a city to get lost in its streets. If you need to describe the city in one word, it can be called an open air museum. Whichever corner of the city you go to, wherever you get lost, you will come across historical monuments, squares, buildings, statues and fountains with exquisite architecture.


Sometimes you need to spend more time in some cities during your travel. For a city, you extend the visit time according to the number of historical places to be seen. You know when you go to an amusement park as a child, you never want to leave. Think like this. This is how you feel in Florence. You will realise something in Florence. Although Florence is a small city, there is a sculpture on every corner, places resembling film sets on every street, historical buildings and a lot to talk about the Renaissance. Perhaps it would be correct to say that Florence is the most impressive city in Italy.


While starting the Italy tour from the south and heading north, I wanted to make a small visit to the city of Pisa. Pisa, which has one of the landmarks of the world, seems to me to be one of the touristic cities of Italy. I didn’t spend much time in the city, but I can say that it is a small place where everything that needs to be seen is gathered in a square. After my day trip to Pisa, we can move on to Bologna since we took that famous photo.


Wise, fat and red Bologna! (La dotta, la grassa, La Rossa)

Bologna is called fat, because you can see a pizzeria and a pasta shop on every street. Bologna is called the red city, and you will observe this when you watch the city from a tower or hill. Bologna is called wise. Because the first university of the west is still working here. You will have the chance to see all these during your short visit to the city.


The last stop of our Italy trip was Venice. Venice is a very photogenic place with its geographically interesting structure consisting of tiny islets, narrow streets and colourfully painted houses… Very few cities in the world are truly unique. Venice, which has a beautiful and unique structure resembling a postcard, can be one of them. In this beautiful city of Italy, there are canals instead of streets. No cars, no traffic…

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