Straight to the point – “Heterophobia”


“What?! You are straight?!!”

Everyday comments turned around to get a taste of how it feels like to not be heterosexual in a heteronormative society.Against homophobia everywhere!

Special thanks to: – Carol Väljaots Laurynas Liobikas Manuela Conte Panos Skepadianos 🙂

This video was created by Livia Kallmeyer and Carol Väljaots, both members of Balkan Hotspot. Balkan Hotspot is a media-lab project run by volunteers under the “European Solidarity Corps”, which is funded by the European Commission within the frame of the Erasmus + . Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

United Societies of Balkans is a youth non governmental organization, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Its goals are to promote Human Rights and fight stereotypes, bring Balkans and Europe together, assist in the cultural exchange between Balkan countries and enhance youth mobility and education.

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