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Summer is ending, but you still have time to enjoy a night under the sky to watch a movie in a cinema in Thessaloniki with the best atmosphere. We are passionate about the cinemas as you can see in our old post, that is why we want to advise you five cinemas that are located in the city center of Thessaloniki and that offer a variety of films for any occasion.

Apollo Summer Cinema

Apollo Summer Cinema was founded in 1983 and it is located on Sarantaporou street number 4. The cinema stands out for its cozy open-air atmosphere, a garden surrounded by plants, comfortable seats and a large screen with an excellent quality image and great sound.

If you want to know beforehand which movies they screen, you can check it out on their social media (Facebook and Instagram). Moreover, you can find there the direct links to purchase the tickets. 

On the other hand, we want to highlight the opinion of one of our volunteers called Art. He is a volunteer in Thessaloniki and has visited many cinemas during the Covid period, and that’s how he sees the offer of the city. He has been able to verify that this cinema is one of those that offers the greatest variety of films, and that is a plus.

The prices are the following:

General admission price: 7€, Monday and Tuesday: 5€, Students, unemployment, children and over 65 years old: 5€

Apollo Cinema

Ellinis Summer Cinema

Ellinis Summer Cinema is located in the center of Thessaloniki, next to Vellideio and close to the White Tower. This is probably the cinema that will take you to the Greece of the Cyclades islands, with white and blue colors painting the surroundings of this busy area.

Ellinis is an oasis of coolness in his lush garden in the city center with homemade soft drinks, granitas, smoothies, movie cocktails, beers, hot-dogs, etc. The small drawback of this cinema for the moviegoers is that it is sometimes a bit noisy, due to the fact that it is located close to one of the main roads of Thessaloniki.

According to the Facebook page, you can drop by the cinema from Monday to Sunday from 19:30 – 1:30h. Also they update constantly their offer of movies on social media.

If you get to the cinema by car, they offer you the chance of leaving your car in their free parking during 3 hours, if the tickets purchase is over 16 €.

Ellinis Summer Cinema

Cinema Alex

One of the first summer cinemas in Thessaloniki is the cinema Alex, which is located at the crossroads of Iasonidou and Oympus. This cinema has the capacity between 250 to 300 people, with director’s chairs and two-seater sofas, achieving more of a cinematic atmosphere. 

This cinema stands out for the white gravel on the ground look, the greenery surrounding and the classic cinema snacks, which makes it a charming place to visit; a paradise for moviegoers.

If you need more information about this cinema you can find it in this link.

Cinema Alex

Open Air Cinema Natalie

Cinema Natalie is considered by our volunteer Art, as a cinema that shows mainstream films, this means that are recently they have been launched. 

It stands out for being a cozy place, with comfortable chairs, perfect sound and located near the sea. For those who look for more of a cool area, that might be their place, since it’s located in the Eastern part of Thessaloniki, right next to what locals know as “umbrellas”, a meeting point by the seaside.

The exact address is Megalou Alexandrou Avenue number 3. The schedule is from Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. Since they don’t have a website, you can find more information on their Facebook page.

Cinema Natalie

Thessaloniki Concert Hall Cinema – Roof of Building M2

The last Cinema that we want to share with you is in Thessaloniki Concert Hall, concretely in the Roof of Building M2. Considering the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, this cinema asks their visitors to wear a mask and keep two seats of distance between people. Also regarding the restrictions, people must buy the tickets beforehand through this website and show the pdf or printed ticket at the entrance.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall

The price of the tickets varies depending on whether it is general admission (5€) or reduced (4€). The summer season for this open air cinema finishes by September 15, so have a look at their website page and enjoy this experience.

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