Balkan Beats 43 – Food


One of our physiological needs, just a need for some, great satisfaction and happiness for others, a companion of meetings, indispensable for special days, a celebration indicator of precious moments, the savior of boring nights and yes, what we are talking about is food.

Before we tackled the topic of food, we had forgotten what a broad perspective it actually is. In superficial conversations and daily life, we may not give the necessary importance, but the food is not just something we consume every day. So many essential sub-topics come within it and need to be examined.

As volunteers in this magazine, we have tried to address the striking and not to be underestimated issues that will make you think about them once more while discussing the food issue. From food waste to the sugar-free trend, we bring together many interesting topics and present our own observations, experiences and ideas.

Eating is an enjoyable activity, yes, it is true, but there are many steps besides just eating; researching for recipes, cooking, sharing with others and many more. So we hope that when you think of “food”, more things come to mind and these articles will be helpful for the enthusiasts!

P.S. Make sure you have a full stomach before starting to read the articles!

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