Episode 15: The Lost Songs (special)

Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast
Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll gathered the old team: Κατερίνα, Pauline, and Bernardo! The time as arrived to do a retrospective, as the show might have ended indeed. Thus, we will go back to Erotocritos, Ethnic Jazz & Fusion, Rebetika, Thrace, Pontos, Cyprus, Smirna, Epirus, the Greek Macedonia, Crete, the Greek Progressive Rock, and the Greek theatre music. We will remember all our guests, to whom we deeply thank for the wise guidance! Therefore, in this Lost Songs episode we will open the Pandora’s Box of all the pieces we did not have the time to include, or that we found in the meantime. After all, every journey needs a deep breath of recapitulation once in a while!

The Lost Songs episode is also the perfect ocasion to thank to Babis and Ουρανία for their help both getting to know better the Greek music and in our guest hunt!

Song list (by order of appearance):

Additional material for extra-curious listeners:

Bonus tracks (the lost songs of the lost songs):

Other episodes:

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  1. εγώ ευχαριστώ σας για το ταξίδι και την ευκαιρία να ξαναταξιδέψω στην ελληνική μουσική με τη δική σας βάρκα..
    εις το επανιδείν κι επανακούειν!


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