Episode 1: Ερωτόκριτος (Crete)

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Dear listeners, welcome to Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll – the radio show that will take you by the ear to the wonders of the Hellenic musicality! Your travelling agency presenters will be Bernardo Guerra Machado and Pauline Quentel. Each week we will invite a guest to be our tour guide in this ethnographic journey. The objective is to focus on a specific region and its traditional music in each episode. Still, there will also be special ones dedicated to specific genres – so you can undoubtedly count with a trip to Ρεμπέτικα, Greek Progressive Rock, Ethnic Jazz, and many many others… 

In this first episode, our colleague Κατερίνα Σταύρου will explore Ερωτόκριτος, a folkloric tradition originated in the island of Crete during its Renaissance period.

Every Thursday at 21h00, we take off! 

Song list (by order of appearance):
1. O Trohos Tis Miras, by Nίκος Ξυλούρης + Rizes, by Nίκος Ξυλούρης & Τάνια Τσανακλίδου
2. Erotokritos, by Giorgos, Nikos & Manolis Stratakis
3. Γροικήσετε Τον Έρωτα, by Λουδοβίκος Των Ανωγείων
4. Αφέντης Της Σκλαβουνιάς – Ρηγόπουλο Της Κύπρου, by Νίκος Ξυδάκης & Αλκίνοος Ιωαννίδης
5. Ερωτόκριτος (αποχαιρετισμός), by Νίκος Ξυλούρης
6. Ο όρκος της Αρετούσας, by Λιζέτα Καλημέρη
7. Η συνάντηση, by Nίκος Ξυλούρης & Τάνια Τσανακλίδου
8. Ο θρήνος της Αρετούσας, by Nίκος Ξυλούρης & Μελίνα Κανά
9. Ο αέρας, by Ψαραντώνης
10. Ερωτόκριτος (Κι όμΩς κινείται), by Χαΐνηδες & Ψαραντώνης (theatre play)
11. I Mera I Labri, by Nίκος Ξυλούρης & Τάνια Τσανακλίδου
12. Πρώτο τραγούδι Πανάρετου, by Γιάννης Πουλόπουλος
13. Διάλογος Πανάρετου – Καρποφόρου, by Γιάννης Πουλόπουλος & Γιάννης Θωμόπουλος
14. Ερωτόκριτος, by Παίζουμε Οικολογικά (with 77 Greek artists)

Additional material for extra-curious listeners:

Story resume and English translation of one of the lyrics
Theatre play
Ερωφίλη (music)

Post Author: Bernardo Guerra Machado

Bernardo Guerra Machado
It has been 24 years of having dense, made in Portugal eyebrows. Despite not being able to drink from champagne flutes due to his big nose, he has recently concluded a master in Evolution and Human Behaviour. Feels passionate about gathering unexpected stories and understanding the process of learning a new culture.

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