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“Among the living civilisations that we’ve been and we are, one fight has always been costant. The research of equality , safety and acceptance through the eye of our fellow human beings. The disparities between us must not be ignored, they are the causes of many diseases rooted in our society, closing a lot of doors, whether in our minds or in our offices.

Far from the reality, if we listen only to the poor content from the wrong informer, we can’t be critical in our vision of the world. We can’t be right.

For these multiple reasons, the volunteer writers on Balkans Beats are willing to share with you a story. A story made of facts, around which it is easy to build prejudices when we don’t take a close look.

The Roma population is here the hero of its own story, the pens of the writers can contribute to an amelioration of the quality of life in the community.”

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