Video is Art at Stamp Festival


If you are interested by Videos, Images and Pictures (VIP), the Stamp Festival was the place where you had to be! During three days, from the 5th to the 7th of July The Stamp festival was doing differents workshops and activities about videos, images and pictures. This festival was the opportunity to discover differents types of arts through videos, images, and pictures.

Stamp Festival. Valentina Orlando

The event was divided in six rooms plus the all in wich meetings and workshops happened. Wich room constituted one theme. Here the themes:

  • Media Lab
  • Video dance
  • Video art
  • Municipality video
  • Thessaloniki International Short Art film Festival (TSAFF)
  • Video clip

The Media Lab was dedicated to interviewing, filming and recording people. In this room the goals are: First, practice (recording, filming, editing) to be more comfortable with the equipment and take some automations. The second goal is to create a network between artists, people who works with media etc… Make contacts, reach people, exchange about experiences and get more ideas and inspiration.

Stamp Festival. Valentina Orlando

In the other rooms some videos about dance, video art, video of the municipality of Thessaloniki, shorts art films (etc…) were passing through screens, and you were totaly  free to discover by yourself the differents rooms and try to understand or just contemplate the differents kind of arts there were during the festival.

After all of thoses meetings, workshops and activities you could have fun in their PARTIES!!! There were parties at the end of each day and the entrance was free!

You missed this Festival and you want to participate to the next one ?? So let’s go on their page and check the news:

Stamp Festival. Valentina Orlando

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