Civil March For Aleppo was compassion, hope and love between humans


The words of Anna Alboth in December of 2016 created a huge international movement for peace, the Civil March for Aleppo: I don’t want just to stand for Aleppo. I want to go to Aleppo (Anna Alboth). To show their solidarity with war victims and to share the peace message. During the journey, more than 3000 people from 55 nationalities joined them transmitting a strong signal of compassion, hope and love between humans (Eliza).

CMFA in the border between Lebanon and Sirya. Copyrights: Janusz Ratecki

After months trough Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria) in  middle of August, the Civil March for Aleppo reached the border between Lebanon and Syria, the closest point to Aleppo possible to go as group. Jordi and Eliza are two of the marchers that walked trough Macedonia and Greece with the group. What brought them there?

After 6 years of war the march tried to make visible Syrian war in Europe during the way. Now that is hidden on the news, we have to remember it to shake our minds a bit (Jordi).

Doing the “way back” that many refugees have done, the CMFA shows the Solidarity with people that suffered a lot in the way. We are saying that THEY ARE NOT ALONE, and we do not forget (Jordi).

Jordi Molina | Barcelona, Spain | Joined in Skopje, Macedonia | Left in Mani, Greece – a little village near Orestiada | 45 days of marching
Jordi (in the middle) before leaving Skopje. Copyright: Janusz Ratecki

Always with a smile in his face, Jordi was one of the most energetic persons on the group. During all the day was focused in defuse the CMFA on the ground. Some years ago, he crossed trough Greece marching in solidarity with the greek people about the political and economic situation. In that time, Jordi got some greek language skills that facilitate his communication during the CMFA with the locals explaining that we were marching for peace. Hellenica…filoxenia and with some words and smiles he was making connections.

Coming alone from Barcelona, he was the only spaniard in the group. Beside this uncertainty about the group, in some days he felt very comfortable with the march mates. Facing this, his biggest concern was: how the local people is going to see the march? But, as the first fear, during the whole way, it was awesome, very good hospitality in every village, and the people very curious to know about our project. In the end, he says: NO FEARS!!!

Every day was a challenge: find accommodation, showers, water tab, wifi, place to work on online issues… every day you had to fix it and sometimes it is not so easy. But also the participation on the march policy was a great challenge that makes Jordi proud about. Thought debate in circles or assemblies, the group decided to make as a big priority put refugees camps in March route.

Press conference in Kavala. Copyright: Lisa Bosia

Jordi remember brought a lot of special moments from that 45 days marching. But, if he has to choose one: the arrival to Agriani, in the Orestiada region, near to the border with Turkey. In the typical greek village, the population is a mix between greek/turkish origines. They explain the project and talked about islamophobia to the locals and politicians. That place was a exemple about how greek and turkish can live together.

Close to the borde with Turkey, after 45 days marching with his contaminate smile and energy, Jordi left the March to come back to the family and job in Spain. Beside of the great goals of the project, he reminds that the March has a personal effect in every person.

Eliza | Surrey, England | Joined in Skopje, Macedonia | Left in Alexandroupolis, Greece | From 23rd April until 24th May
Eliza before leaving Skopje. Copyright: Janusz Ratecki

Doing the effort to talk and to listen everyone was a young and inspiring girl with a British accent. Eliza was always worried about everyone and taking part in every moment of sharing. Her journey start when she saw the video on the 8th of December while (…) was traveling and (…) felt instantly inspired by the words of Anna. She reminds that the message about not wanting to sit by and do nothing while the Syria war resonated on her. This was the call to action to go and to be part of a movement of people for peace, something she felt that could be part of.

As any group, balance all the behavior and characters was a big challenge. In fact, this was the biggest challenge for Eliza: the emotions, the feeling and the energies of everyone. However, she says that these everyone’s characteristics were always balanced with peaceful people within the March who (…) naturally gravitate towards.

As challenge for the group, Eliza consider that was appeasing everyday when everyone has a diferente perspective and viewpoint. Sometimes the group was very harmonious and there was a lot of excellent teamwork, support and agreement but sometimes there was also reasons to disagree.

The main goal of the March according with Eliza was to activate de people. Has the name of the movement says, CMFA wanted to transmit a message of compassion to people affecter by wars and says that there are people that cares about them.

A lot of moments could be reminded as the special one, however, Eliza reminds the first moment when she saw the Civil March for Aleppo’s group: seeing the march for the first time in Skopje was an incredible moment. After meet them, they walk trough the streets playing guitar and singing songs containing messages of peace. Four months following in the social media and feeling so much positive emotions about that movement, become part of that was something emotional.

CMFA trough Macedonia. Copyright: Janusz Ratecki

Some passers by would see us and regard us with a look of bewilderment, then maybe they’d look down at the flyer they’d been handed and realise what we were there for and what we were representing, and they’d look back at us with such an incredible sincerity in their eyes as if to say “what you are doing… I support you” and in this moment I felt like I was part of something special, meaningful and positive. It was powerful – and it has made me realise even more I want to make a positive difference in the world. I want my life to be meaningful.

During the way, the people could have some doubts about the impact of the initiative. However, for Eliza, the effect become clear understanding the witnessing the miracle that is created from nothing every day to keep it moving, it’s clear that this is a positive movement of many dedicated people, who are now all connected and tuned into the frequency of creating positive change, peace and liberty. 

CMFA in Thessaloniki. Copyright Denis Bierichen

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