The Erasmus-in-Greece experiences BINGO

Group of people enjoying the evening at the old port of Thessaloniki
No need for big plans or big money: a bunch of new friends will make your night!

Are you going for an Erasmus in Greece? Or have you been there in the past years? How many of these experiences do you think you will be / have been able to collect?

Bargain a discount

The status of Erasmus student/volunteer is tricky: you are not a local student, but you are not a worker either. In many cases; discounts are only applicable to Greek students, but it is not excluded that you could access some.


Being a student or a volunteer means to live on a limited budget, but the wish for travelling is always unlimited! How to solve the problem? Check the direction, stretch your thumb, and – with a bit of luck – your adventure will start! Here you can check some tips for your next journey.

Buy food in a street market speaking only in Greek

Many people in Greece speak good English, but if you are living here for some months it is worthy to try and learn a little bit of Greek. It will be very satisfactory to go to the market and be able to buy your own fresh food by interacting in Greek with the seller!

Travel in a big group

Being on Erasmus usually entails sharing and interacting with different people, be it for necessity or for fun. Travelling together can only enhance the experience of belonging to a community while being abroad. Even if it might be more difficult to find an accommodation, a mean of transport and – above all – to reach agreements among all the participants, the group dimension will give to the trip a whole new taste!

Learn words from languages you’ve never heard before

Joining a project abroad means not only to live and work in a foreign country, but also to be surrounded by a lot of people from different backgrounds. So if until now you were struggling between your native language and a bit of English, after some time you will catch yourself knowing words and expressions from languages that you’ve never heard of before. And you will even actually start using them in your daily life!

Be hosted for the night by unknown random people

The network that a person on Erasmus can join is rich and useful. Fellow students/volunteers, colleagues, friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, couchsurfers… Finding hospitality at some friend of a friend is a common experience! It is again related to the living-on-a-budget situation, but also to the community dimension that is often a big part of the experience abroad. And it feels like a superpower!

If you can complete the bingo, congratulations! You’ve had a full, rich and enjoyable Erasmus experience! Which other experiences/memories did you – or would you like to – collect from your Erasmus?

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