SKGers Crew: dance as a way of living

Entrance for power moves

SKGers Crew is a Thessaloniki-based hip-hop group that literally lives for dancing. Its B-boys and B-girls share daily their passion to spread the values of street culture.

“Get on the good foot “

James Brown

The B-Boys and B-Girls were born in the Bronx in New York during the 70’s. It is said that their peculiar moves and figures were influenced by martial arts which were very popular in those years.

The magic of dance of any genre or category is that you can combine styles.
That’s why these dancers and their dances can emit powerful energy just by combining acrobatic movements.

Dance brings people together, makes them happier and richer in a way money cannot do.

The team

“I leave everything to dance, my country, my friends, my car, my job, my house and that just to dance because the dance it’s me, it’s my life, it’s everything.”


The SKGers have been around for 3 years, it is a group in constant evolution.
All members participate in battles during competitions, but they can also be found every night in street shows to show people what really dance is.

They need to dance to live, it is a part of them. The most important thing for them is to dance and give a smile to the people who stop to see them and transmit their positive energies.

They practice at the 365 creative studio, where you can find many different talents in a variety of artistic styles such as Rap, Dance, Dj-ing, Graffiti, Circus, Music, Singing, Tattooing, Film Making, Photography, etc and they are a part of it.

“I can express myself and be myself when I dance.”
B-Girl Roukia

“For me the most important thing is to have fun when I dance with people I like, it makes me happy.”

B-Boy Alex

“Dance is not a style for me, it’s what I feel deep within me. If I do not dance a day, I do not feel well, I do not feel complete. I need that to feel complete and myself.
I will never never stop dancing.”

B-Boy Terpo

It’s an interesting way of life, don’t forget to pass by and check them.


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