Five activities to embrace the Greek lifestyle

A taverna ready to welcome hungry customers.
A taverna ready to welcome hungry customers.

If you are going to spend some time in Greece, be it for holiday, work, studies or anything else, here’s a list of things that will make you discover and enjoy the true Greek lifestyle!

Go to taverna

If you are living in Greece, going to taverna will become almost a ritual, not only to eat good food but also to enjoy the warm and cheerful atmosphere. And don’t be afraid for your pocket money: eating out in Greece – with a bit of strategy – is fully student-friendly!

Drink tsipouro/ouzo/rakomelo

If you drink alcohol, Greece has some special highlights you don’t want to miss. More than the drink itself, it is about the moment and the time spent together – for which also alcohol-free option could work. But don’t forget to cheer: γεια μασ!

Eat gyros

The best friend of the meat-eater volunteer for the price and for the nutritive power. Gyros will become your best buddy in every occasion of sudden hunger or cooking laziness. Not for fussy people & cleaning freaks.

Enjoy traditional music/dance Greek dances

Music in Greece is way more than “sirtaki” – never heard this word while staying here. You will easily find live music around the city, in bars, tavernas and on the street. Don’t be shy to join the people dancing in circle: it can be more difficult than what it looks like, but you will enjoy it for sure!

Drink cold coffee

To look like a local you can’t avoid holding a cup of cold coffee in your hand. There are options for every taste: freddo espresso, cappuccino, frappe, with sugar, without, with cream, and what more can come from the creativity of the bartender. But don’t forget to bring your own cup: you don’t want to contribute to Greece plastic problems…

The list could be way longer, but these are definitely my favourites. What Greek habits or traditions do you like the most?

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