Whispers of war-How war impacts every part of our lives.

Image from the film, where we can really see how the war impacted the relationship between the protagonists.
image from the movie

I was impressed and fascinated by the way in which the director Florian Hoffmann transcribed into his film “Whispers of war” how war impacts our lives in a way that is not easy to understand.

War is silent and slowly settles in the daily life. In the film it has settled in Khalil’s life at all levels: in his couple, in his work and in his relations with his family.

This film shows the complexity of war, the one we fight on the frontline and the one we live at a distance like Khalil who was born and raised in Kurdistan. He left the country when he was 8 to escape the war. He went to Berlin, in Germany.

I found “Whispers of war” interesting for all these reasons. It shows another point of view on how a conflict affects every corner of our life. The war that we live from afar. On the consensual fear of losing one of his own, telling the truth to the world, feeling hopeless and hopeful during the same day. All the feelings that the main character experiments: loneliness, frustration, hope and doubt, resonate in me because every human experiment this feeling in their life so we can easily have empathy and understand what Khalil is going through.

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