24th TFD – Blind Ambition


“Blind Ambition” – a documentary film about four men, four Zimbabwean men that, with a lot of strength and ambition, form their countrie’s first wine tasting olympics team. Brought together through destiny and hope, Joseph, Pardon, Marivin and Tinashe carry the prideness for their country Zimbabwe throughout their whole journey. Even thought they are so different, they found each other in South Africa after fleeing from their home country Zimbabwe. In different ways, all of them discover their passion for wine, find each other and manage to create a team to compete in the international wine tasting event in France, as the first Zimbabwean team ever! 

Like a rollercoaster…

this documentary made me feel so much: starting with shame and discomfort and ending with sympathy, hope and happiness. I have never expected that it’s possible to connect with the main characters so easily. The feeling of being friends was there from the beginning. I think this is the perfect moment to talk about the team coach of the Zimbabwean team: A man, one of a kind. Let’s say that he is… unique. Disgustingly annoying, full of surprise and just a main character. His way of stealing the attention in every possible situation and just doing whatever he finds best makes me love him. We all can agree on the fact that the characters in “Blind Ambition” are very authentic.  

The famous team coach during the wine tasting olympics

Furthermore, I was very surprised that it’s possible to laugh so often during a documentary film. In my head documentaries must be serious, emotionally draining and kind of boring, but this one is different. A little bit of shock was hiding in me during the whole documentary. “It’s a stereotype.” told me Giovanni (a professional film critique, I am just kidding, but he thinks he is), my friend that accompanied me to watch the documentary. I believe him, it IS a stereotype. Special thanks to the team coach for making me laugh so often (as I already told you, I really love him).  

The Zimbabwean team and others after the wine tasting olympics


sometimes I felt really uncomfortable. Especially when I saw the contrast between the Zimbabwean team and the other ones in the wine tasting olympics. While the Zimbabwean team radiated strength, hope and ambition, the other teams seemed arrogant to me. I felt their bad energy even through the screen. Or maybe I am just a really judgemental and awful person. Of course it was the documentaries intention to make me as a viewer feel more connected to the Zimbabwean team. Still, I truly believe that they went into the competition with another approach and mindset than the other teams. Of course I supported my Zimbabwean friends until the end of the competition. To find out whether they won or not you have to watch the documentary yourself. 

The cover of the documentary movie

Josephs, Pardons, Marivins and Tinashes journey was portrayed with an authentic atmosphere. African music and beautiful landscape shots added charm to the whole story. Personally I am a big fan of beautiful shots, as I can find beauty in everything (even in the team coach). I think I will remember this story of success that started and ended with a camera shot of majestic orange flowers until the end of my life (or probably not, because I always forget things). 


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