Top ten things to visit in Vaucluse, France


Vaucluse is a department in the south of France. I have lived in this department since I was born, so I know this department almost like the back of my hand. It is full of places to visit because of its landform and history.

I’m going to make you discover the ten best places to visit in the Vaucluse:

Pont d’Avignon or Avignon Bridge

Pont d'Avignon or Avignon Bridge in Vaucluse

The Pont d’Avignon is one of the most famous historical monuments in the Vaucluse. I won’t believe you if you tell me you haven’t seen it because you must see it to enter or leave Avignon. You can also visit it.

When you see it, don’t worry if you only see half of it, your glasses are well adjusted; it’s normal. Unfortunately, the river’s power(the Rhône) destroyed half of the bridge in the 13th century.

Fontaine de Vaucluse or Fountain of Vaucluse

Fontaine de Vaucluse or Fountain of Vaucluse

The Vaucluse fountain is, at present, a great mystery which is the subject of numerous scientific studies because we need to find out where the source of this natural fountain comes from. It is the most crucial exsurgence in France. It has a flow of 700 million cubic metres per year.

The visit is free, and you walk all the way along the Sorgue to the end, where there is its “source”. What I can tell you about this fountain is that it is 315 metres deep. And that it does not overflow all year round. I can assure you of that because going to the Vaucluse fountain was my family outing almost every Sunday.

Mont Ventoux

At 1910 metres, Mont Ventoux, also known as the “Giant of Provence”, is the highest mountain in the Vaucluse. It is always covered in snow because of its limestone rock. Indeed in winter, you can ski, but there are not many slopes. It is tiny. It is not famous for skiing. However, it is renowned for sledging and snowshoeing in winter. And in summer you can also go hiking, cycling and devalkarting. You can also see the shooting star showers. I often go there to watch the sunset and ride my motorbike because it offers excellent roads for motorbike or even car rides.

Dentelles de Montmirail

This mountain range is known worldwide for its climbing walls. I know them because I see them almost every day and have hiked there. This massif is 8 kilometres long, and you can’t miss it either because, as its name indicates, it looks like teeth. This place is also famous for its quality of wines, and you will come across many cellars to taste them. It is also renowned for its olive oil and the quality of its truffles. There are some places where you can’t walk your dog because he will dig up the truffles.

Gordes, Vaucluse

If you don’t know Gordes, I strongly advise you to visit this village. Why? Because it is one of the most beautiful villages in France. You can only go to the Vaucluse if you visit this village. This village is perched on a rock, and you can see two abbeys, a castle, many old hamlets, several hundred dry stone huts, several water and windmills and so on. This village offers a marvellous view because of its relief.

Gorges de la Nesques

The Gorges de la Nesques is a canyon carved out by the Nesques (a river in the Vaucluse mountains). There are also many walks in the Nesques gorges, but the most pleasant is to drive or ride a motorbike on the roads of the canyons. Its roads allow you to travel through the heights with several magnificent viewpoints. You can even meet tame wild boars (I petted one).

When you do the gorges de la Nesques, you can stop at the town of Sault to taste it, as it is a tourist village with a beautiful view.

Le théâtre antique d’orange or The ancient theatre of Orange

What to do in the Vaucluse when you are in Orange? Of course, it would help if you visited its magnificent antic theatre, which dates from the 1st century BC and is the best-preserved theatre in Europe, so it is well worth a visit. It is a jewel of the city, a magnificent heritage of imperial Rome.

It is possible to attend magnificent shows and concerts on the hillside terraces. After visiting the theatre, you can continue with a visit to the museum of art and history.

Even David Guetta came to mix in this theatre in 2021, and there were 8500 people.

Vaison la Romaine

Vaison la Romaine is an essential town in the Vaucluse. It allows you to discover magnificent and remarkably well-preserved Roman remains. If you love history, architecture and archaeology, this is the town for you. In addition, you can admire other monuments in the upper village and the old medieval city, such as the Romanesque cathedral of Notre Dame de Nazareth and the abbey and chapel.

The upper town offers a magnificent panoramic view. This town is situated at the foot of two of the Vaucluse’s most beautiful mountains, Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail. You have no excuse not to go there.

Le Colorado Provençal

The Colorado Provençal is a former industrial site dating from the 17th century. The colour of the ochre of the Provençal Colorado with the green contrast of the vegetation will leave you speechless. You can discover the geology and the fairy chimneys. On this site, you have several circuits, including the Sahara circuit, which is pretty straight and provides a magnificent change of scenery.

If I can give you some advice if you go there, it is not to put on elegant clothes and not to go in white because you risk staining yourself.

Palais des papes or Palace of the Popes

If you go to Avignon and pass under the Avignon bridge, you must stop in the city centre to visit the Popes’ Palace, the monument to visit in Avignon. Why should you see it? Because the palace of the popes is the most biggest gothic construction of the Middle Ages, and it is one of the most visited monuments in France. It is both a palace and a fortress. You can visit it and find out before you go because nowadays it can be used for exhibitions, perhaps an exhibition that could interest you.

I often go to the Pope’s Palace for the Festival of Lights because they organise illuminations inside, it’s a must if you’ve never seen it.

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