“Planet Heat”: photography to capture and improve the world


Get to know more about the winners of our contest and their pictures. “Planet Heat” has been organised to celebrate World Photography Day

Photography allows us to capture our world, to make a precise painting of the reality we are surrounded by. But it can also become a tool to make us be aware of the problems that our planet is facing. “Planet Heat” wants to depict our planet, that lately has been experiencing heat, fires… and that is severely affected by the climate crisis. On the 19th of August, World Photography Day is held. To celebrate it, from Balkan Hotspot we organized this photography contest. Do you want to know more about the winning authors and see their pictures? Keep reading and check them out!

Greenhouse gas/light gatekeep by Art Van`t Rood

First position
Author: Art Van`t Rood
Title: Greenhouse gas/light gatekeep
Description: This is a combination of reality and fabrication, just like our world is increasingly human-made. It’s a gate made of the sun referencing how we heat up our planet and as a result keep ourselves away from a natural world.

Unmasked by Martin Naništa

First position (draw with Art)
Author:  Martin Naništa
Title: Unmasked
Description:  Display window, Carnival mask shop, Venezia. A planet showing its tongue surrounded by a mask appears in the window.

A long ride by Mathilde Morard

Second position: 
Author: Mathilde Morard
Title: A long way
Description: Camel ride under the heat, which is usually challenging, especially because of the high temperatures.

There is no planet Bee by Sofia Larocca

Third position:
Author: Sofia Larocca
Title: There’s no planet Bee
Description:  A planet without bees is a lost planet. Let’s take care of them and learn how much we depend on them. 

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