Doors and Windows of Santorini


When you think about Santorini, the first thing that comes into your mind is the white houses with blue windows. Probably for most of the people, Santorini is Fira and Oia. For me, Santorini is exactly everything else. Santorini is the hitchhiking around the island, the nice locals that were always ready to help, the Red beach in Akrotiri, the black beach in Perissa, the volcano trip, the amazing salads from Tranquilo.

The thing that most attracted me in Santorini was a small village, called Emporio. I spent my time there walking around all the small streets and enjoying every turn or every new passage I found. I walked around every street two times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It was the best place for me because I could enjoy everything by myself. Without tourists, marriage photoshoots or fancy restaurants and shops. Just locals, that were smiling at me and were happy that I stopped for a minute to admire the beauty of their houses.

For me, Santorini is the doors and windows of Emporio!

Enjoy the photo gallery and try to imagine yourself in front of these doors and windows!

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