Photo competition for Balkan Beats!

photo competition thessaloniki

photo competition thessaloniki

Dear readers, you have the opportunity to become a part of the next Balkan Beats magazine (edition 24).


How? By entering our photo competition for the next Balkan Beats frontpage.  We want your help to take photos and send to us. The Best photography will appear on the First page of the magazine.

The magazine is web based and free. Created by the volunteers of our project in Thessaloniki, Greece. The magazine takes up subjects from the entire world but also focuses on things happening in and around Thessaloniki. Human rights and bringing people from different places closer are the base values of the magazine. Every 2 months a new magazine is released. You can find all editions here.

The next Balkan Beats magazine will be named “new beginnings”. Have this in mind when taking the photos for the competition. Winner will get his or her photo published on the frontpage as well as an interview in the magazine. And don’t worry if your picture doesn’t make on the first page. The better ones will still be published inside of the magazine.

Deadline for the competition is at the first of September (01/09-2018).  All pictures can be sent to us via Email, The photos will be posted on our on our Facebook page by us. As you send in pictures to us we will start publishing them for you to vote for your favourite. To vote for the different pictures, simply drop a “like”.  The commission, composed by the editors of Balkan Beats and  staff of United Societies of Balkans, will choose among the pictures with the most likes and decide a winner.

The next Balkan Beats will be published the 20/09 so keep your eyes out in September or subscribe to Balkan here.

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