Beginnings: Balkan Beats 24


Finally, the 24th edition of the Balkan Beats magazine is online! We invite you to start this study year with ‘Beginnings’, the leading theme of the magazine. We have been working hard to collect the best experiences about life in the Balkans, festivals, global issues, sustainability and inspiring stories of luck.

We are also celebrating a new beginning for our organization United Societies of Balkans, with the opening of Balkan Heart, “a new multicultural space full of energy and pulse, ready to take you to a world full of colors and imagination,” according to Aristodimos Paraschou, the president of United Societies of Balkans. Balkan Heart will also host our project Balkan Hotspot.

In this new edition of Balkan Beats, you will find an inspiring story about the children’s book ‘The Dream’, written by Antonis Tsapatakis who was interviewed by Giada Russo. The sensitive story is about a man who never gave up, despite physical disability and who accomplished his dream to publish a book for kids.

Sacha Bogaers will introduce you to the international ‘Earth Overshoot Day,’ declared on the first of August. It is a warning or a new beginning to make some actions, read, share and live according to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Filip Grác invites readers to dive into the city life of Thessaloniki through the eyes of artists with an interview with Dimitris Savvaidis and Stavros Savvaidis from ADD ART. They speak about the establishment of ADD ART and their implementation of art projects in public city spaces, comics, animation, and future plans.

You will find this and many more interesting articles in Balkan Beats 24: Beginnings. Read, share and enjoy!

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