Balkan Beats 49- Global Puzzles, Local Pieces


“Dear Readers,

Finally, here it is: the 49th episode of our magazine. Putting it all together wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. It started with both of us questioning if we were really cut out for the editor job (probably because our predecessors, Leene and Alina, were such tough acts to follow – hi to you both).

Luckily, we quickly came up with loads of ideas, and our team had our backs, which really boosted our confidence.
Then came our first magazine meeting. We tossed around ideas for titles and topics, and we were thrilled that so many people were actually invested and wanted to write. Despite some initial disagreements, we managed to find a compromise that gave each of us the freedom to write about what we felt passionate about.

The writing process had its challenges. We had our doubts and often felt a bit overwhelmed with the editor workload. But in the end, we grew into our roles and learned to tackle the obstacles that came our way.

And now, “Global Puzzles – Local Pieces” is here, offering up another diverse range of topics: from personal stories to political analyses and even some poetry. The main focus remains the same: exploring politics and activism, both locally and globally.

We invite you to dive into the magazine and think about what it means to get political and be political.
Explore geopolitics and global risks, read up on current events, and get a glimpse of local history and initiatives through photo stories.

Remember, your own commitment is crucial in making the world a fairer place. Speak up against injustice and stand up for what’s right.

Yours truly,

Luise and Alix :)”

You can check our publications here!

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