Balkan Beats 35 – Intercultural Dialogue (Special Edition)


We are proud to present our 35th issue of Balkan Beats, a special edition put together in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation! Here is a foreword by Aris Paraschou, co-head of the Greek network of the Anna Lindh Foundation:

Τhe Mediterranean basin has always been the womb of civilization from which prominent cultures were born, flourished and for centuries coexisted and interacted. It is a sacred place of great religions and the birthplace of important scientists and people of spirit. But at the same time, it was and often is a field of battles and hostile conflicts.

For almost two decades, the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), that I have the honor of being co-head for the last seven years, has been working to bridge diversity and promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue, human rights and peaceful problem-solving.

The tradition of the Foundation is the implementation of a FORUM every 3 years.  Civil society organizations, academics, people of politics and culture have the opportunity to participate and formulate new ideas and proposals for the future of Foundation’s member countries. 

Due to the pandemic, FORUM 2020 was canceled and replaced by an online Marathon of actions, seminars and activities. In this context, this issue, which I am pleased to preface/prologue, is dedicated to the ALF. It is a patchwork of articles by young and thinking people that touch upon the principles, values and pillars of the Foundation, while articles by members of the Greek ALF network are also hosted.

by Aris Paraschou, co-head of the Greek Network of ALF.

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