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“Zografos”, the Greek word for “painter”, can be seen as a combination of “to Live” and “to write”. The narrative departs from the idea that painting is the writing of Life – and, arguably, the first structured language Humans ever created. Through the wonderful paintings and the stories of Sotos Zachariadis, the language of ink is equated to those written and spoken – relying on its potential to give form to narratives, express emotions, depict the World, manipulate it, and crystalize memories.

Zografos was also a meeting of generations. It is honest in being amateur, just as it is theatrically authentic.

Short film for www.balkanhotspot.org with the support of United Societies of Balkans and the European Solidarity Corps.

United Societies of Balkans is a youth non governmental organization, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Its goals are to promote Human Rights and fight stereotypes, bring Balkans and Europe together, assist in the cultural exchange between Balkan countries and enhance youth mobility and education.

Idea, filming, and editing: Bernardo Guerra Machado Paintings: Sotos Zachariadis Music played by Sotos Zachariadis and Dimitris Pappas (courtesy of EPT3, 102FM)

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