Week Against Racism


antifa zone - anti-racism promotion

Ph: Ahmet Sahin

In order to aware people about the anti-racism campaign between 17-25 March, there will be many events related to the topic. We protest against all types of racism and xenophobia, support diversity by focusing on values which make our world more livable. This week initially referred to the brutal murder of anti-apartheid demonstrators, as a response in Sharpeville (South Africa) in 1960.

After the brief information about why we commemorate it during this period, I will continue by sharing my own experience focused on against racism week. Despite the fact that there have been so many political issues between Turkish and Greek, as a member of United Societies of Balkans I have not seen any racist behaviour from local Greek people against my nationality. I have been very respected by the Greek people. It is even a cliche to say that we are quite familiar with each other in so many subjects but apparently we are similar. From my point of view, Greek are the closest people to Turkish, based on attitudes, traditions, folklore and so on. In order to transfer this uniqueness through our young generations, we should spend effort to keep in touch as much as possible.

Finally, regardless of ethnic and racial ideas, we should consider communicating and discovering plenty of mystery in a large variety of cultures and identities. Shall we unite? Otherwise, we all fall down!

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