The warrior diet


148000 B.C., Nizza ’s outskirts, du Lazaret Cave. It is night and Ori ‘Of is finally eating a delicious mammut’s steak. The dangerous hunt of this 2,5 meters tall prey, cost Ori ‘Of and his tribe a lot of energy and attention during the whole day.

The fresh mammut meat is awesome and it provides enough food for every member of Ori ‘Of ’s tribe. The day after this one there will be another hunt, another prey and possibly also another dinner.

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Autumn 2016 A.D., Trieste, Italy. Carlo Lorenzi is starting to work again in front of his laptop after the lunch-break, he ate a powerful soup with sausage and potato, a slice of pizza, some french fries, a slice of pie and of course a coffee.

Carlo Lorenzi feels dizzy in front of the screen. He has an important task to accomplish and the deadline is very near. Carlo thinks that it is the time for an energy chocolate bar and another coffee. After the snack, he succeeds to end his work but at the end of the day, Carlo feels acid in his throat. It is a common problem and Carlo suffers from it since he was in university. Carlo drives his car back home and goes to bed. The day after there will be other tasks, other problems, other meals and another acid situation.

Eating like a prehistoric warrior

Fortunately enough, Carlo Lorenzi’s problems are going to end very soon because of an upstream diet. This diet is called the “Warrior Diet” and it was originally created by Ori Hofmekler. The whole concept of this diet is based on the theory that cavemen in prehistoric age were used to eat just once a day because during the rest of the day they were busy “hunting down the dinner”.

This diet basically divides the day into 2 stages: The “undereating” (10-18 hours) and the “overeating” (the remaining hours).

During the “undereating” stage you’re allowed to eat small servings of fresh fruits, vegetables and lightfast assimilating protein such as whey protein, yoghurt or kefir. At the same time eaters should also avoid grains, meats and other refined food such as sugary treats or beverages. Basically, this is the “fast” stage of the day.

During the “overeating” stage eaters can consume much more food than they usually do. By following few simple rules, such as stop eating when feeling more thirsty than hungry, mixing flavours, tasting any kind of food in order to have a complete meal and remember to start always from the less tasty servings and end with the tastiest ones.

According to the inventor of this diet, our metabolism is not used to eat 3 or 4 times a day and because of this, we are exposed to a wide variety of food-related problems, from acid reflux to diabetes.

This diet brings you to make a deep change in your life, we can define it as a ‘lifestyle’. Forget lovely breakfasts with your lover or demanding family’s lunch with your relatives, but you will definitely save money and time.

In the first moment of this fast diet-lifestyle, you will feel hungry, of course, you have to get used to it, but then you will have a deep understanding about your food needs, how to differentiate between hungry, stress and thirsty.

If you would like to know more about this diet, visit the website of its inventor!

Autumn 2018 A.D., Thessaloniki, Greece,  Carlo Lorenzi is writing an article about the diet that fixes all of his little food problems. Actually, he is thinking about what to cook for dinner…or better for the Warrior dinner!

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