From Thessaloniki to Ghana the school of sustainability, the idea of two young architects


by Rino Maffione

Among the 30 articles of the Declaration of Human Rights, there is one that refers to the Right to have access to a proper education. For most of us, in the north-western part of the world, this right is fully satisfied, we all can go to school and actually during our study years we hardly like to wake up early to attend lessons. So much so that our highly educated civilizations struggle to face the opposite problem, the dropouts. But in other regions of the world, the struggle for education is real.

In Africa, for example, the situation is so critical that in some rural communities the rate of illiteracy reaches the 100%, this due to the distance at which the few schools are from certain centers and the extreme poverty. In this communities of around 1000 people on average, more than a half of the population is usually composed of youth who can’t access education and 75% of the whole population lives under the poverty line.

This is the reality with which the people of Abetemin, a small village in the rural Ghana, have to struggle every day, a reality in which to achieve a proper education to try to have a better life it’s nearly impossible.

Trying to change this situation Lida Lioupi and Penny Stergiopoulou decided to embark in a journey from Thessaloniki to Abetemin and help the population to build a school. This two new graduated architects, after partecipating to an international competition with their project, decided to make a step further and make it real. The whole project rotates around the idea of build a class using sustainable and recicled materials and to teach the building tecnique to the population in order to make them able to reuse these skills autonomously. To achieve this Penny and Lida, in collaboration with the Nka Foundation, gathered 40 volunteers ready to help them reach their goal.

To have access to a school will mean for the young people of Abetemin a possibility to build a better future and also to help their community to improve the general living condition. But, to achieve this, founds are needed and to satisfy this requirement the project is currently seeking sponsorships and is running a crowfunding campaign on indiegogo on which is possible to find further information.

This project will change the reality of this comunity in a permanent way, giving it the chance to grow and develope indipendently so let’s help this two strong willed girls to make it a reality and let’s support it.

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