European Week of Sport: Be Active!


IT’S TIME TO #BEACTIVE! – that’s the main slogan of the European Week of Sport. This year, it takes place from the 23rd until the 30th of September. The event started to write its history only recently. This year will be the 4th edition of this successful project. Since 2015, this initiative is trying to promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical exercise in the everyday life of millions of people.

This year it’s going to be even bigger and even better! It brings together 32 countries and 41 European partners to encourage a healthy, happy and inclusive #BeActive society.

the goal of the European Week of Sport
The main idea of the European Week of Sport

Being active is the best prevention in the fight against some of the biggest problems of our current societies, such as obesity, loneliness, racism and mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc.). Being active is being happy, proud, together, healthy and eco-friendly 🙂

The best thing is that we can be active everywhere – the world is our playground. We can go run into the park, climb some mountain, visit a yoga class, clean the house or whatever comes to our minds. We can #BeActive even during the commute to work or school (bike, walk, …). Fantasy has no boundaries in this case. Do whatever you want and feel happy about it.

infographic for European Week of Sport
Some numbers for lovers of stats

Also we, in the Balkan Hotspot, want to participate in this awesome project, so we’ve prepared 2 events, where you can support the idea of movement together with us.

The first one will be “Football tournament” on Saturday and the very next day, on Sunday, we will go for a “Hike to the Mount Chortiatis” (one of the highest mountains in the Thessaloniki area – 1.201m). Everyone is warmly welcome and for more detailed information about the events, just click on their names.

In the meantime, you can read the article from our volunteers, Sacha and Filip, who visited the Mt. Chortiatis recently and shared their impressions and experiences on our blog 😉

Ready to #BeActive, Europe?

For more information about the European Week of Sport click here.

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