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Ano Poli: History in The City

Ano Poli: History in The City

Here we are, talking about our city: Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki has been home for many civilizations and cultures. Ano Poli is the most important area of Thessaloniki hosting these challenges. It is also the area where the history of Thessaloniki began. Ano Poli, which is a harmonious combination of historical buildings from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, full of houses representing traditional architecture and stone-paved streets, is history itself. Even though a fire destroyed many areas of Thessaloniki in 1917, Ano Poli is one of the last parts survived, without losing its importance and preserving its historical texture.

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When you walk through the streets of Ano Poli, you can feel the weight of the history. The streets are still retaining their former glory. Don’t wait any longer to visit a paradise that has witnessed such history. In every corner of this area of the city, in addition to the glory of the architecture and historical buildings of the Ottoman period, you can find amazing churches and historical traces of Byzantium. The strongest characteristic of this area is that you can find the mosques and churches living together. The mix of Byzantine and Ottoman culture makes Ano Poli a truly unique place, where living without any kind of discrimination is still possible. It’s a journey through the time. These streets could whisper you the melodies that pervaded their walls and you could try to fix your soul with these melodies.

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Ano Poli, also known as Upper Town, offers a spectacular sunset view. The charm of Ottoman local architecture is often painted in shades of mustard, pink earth and dusty blue, beautifully preserved and combined with wooden pieces in perfect harmony and revealing historical buildings. Ano Poli offers a detailed exploration area with its unique beauty and texture.

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You can lose your way at Ano Poli while walking with the smell of the jasmine. When you climb to the top of Ano Poli, it is not hard to see why it is the most popular area for centuries. Going even higher, you will encounter the majestic peaks of Olympus. When you stand there, you will see that you can’t get enough of watching the whole Thermaikos Gulf in detail. In addition, being romantic, this landscape attracts couples with its charm.

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Many couples climb the city walls and this summit to refresh their love and enjoy being side by side. After sunset, you can’t get enough of watching the city’s glittering state and White Tower’s golden shining face. You can open a bottle, enjoy the night by watching the stars and making wishes. And Ano Poli will put you on a page of its history.

Ano Poli is looking forward to you for visiting!

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