And…Action! The Thessaloniki International Film Festival


Today the 59th edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival starts. The Festival takes place from the 1st till the 11th of November and film highlights from all over the world are waiting for you. To guide you through this colourful spectacle, we collected some of the Festival’s highlights for you!

Highlights of this year’s festival

Each year, the festival promotes some of its highlights. In the Balkan Section, the Romanian movies are dominant this year. You can see 8 movies from the New Romanian cinema. The movies are older ones, from the 60s to the end of the 80s, and they give a good insight into the communist society and art. The movie Reconstruction (1969) by director Lucian Pintilie, nicknamed “the Godfather of the Romanian New Wave”, is a must see at this festival. The film was banned during the Causceu regime, but Pintilie inspired later Romanian filmmakers.

The Greek cinema section lays a special focus on Greek Queer Cinema. You can choose between 38 short and feature films. The different films address topics such as family relations, the perception of gender and social problems for the community. But there are also satirical and funny movies, such as The Attack of the Giant Moussaka (1999), where Athens has to fight against a giant moussaka monster. A nice initiative of the festival is to make 2 films in this section accessible for deaf and blind people. The films are Meteor and Shadow and A Woman’s Way. Like this, the festival becomes more inclusive and welcoming for people with disabilities.

The last film we want to focus on is Roma (2018) by Alfonso Cuarón. The story plays in the 70s in Mexico and is inspired by Cuarón’s own life. The film is a black-and-white drama about a middle-class family. So far, only small festivals showed this film, so it is a special opportunity to watch the film on a big screen.

The participating movie theatres are Olympion and Zannas Pavlos at Aristoteles Square, as well as the smaller cinemas at the port. If you still have problems to choose some films, here you can find the trailers of the films mentioned in this article.

Pintilie: Reconstruction
: The Attack of the Giant Moussaka
: Roma

Besides that, you find all the necessary information on the festival’s official website:

Author: Jenny Thäil

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