1st Festival of Art Against Fascism – Saturday, 3rd February


Poster for Festival of Art against Fascism

Believing that fascism is still a big threat to the World, and Greece in particular, Antinazi Zone arose as an initiative to organize and coordinate actions against fascism, neo-Nazism and racism. As a result, this Saturday, Takim will receive the 1st Festival of Art Against Fascism in Thessaloniki, an event that brings together young people of city’s community. Katerina Kleitsa, a member of Antinazi Zone, told us that «the main goal of the event is to gather as many young people as possible to the struggle against fascism, by using their own talents and thoughts and using art as a creative way to resist fascism, racism and sexism».

Having organized this event before in other cities of Greece, Antinazi Zone believes that it will be very successful in Thessaloniki and, indeed, the response has been quite encouraging. Their intention is to make an annual event out of this Festival, being this a great opportunity for people to resist discrimination through their creativity and art.

This will be a good opportunity for people in Thessaloniki to spend their Saturday evening in a different way – concerts, plays, photography exhibitions and poetry reading are only some of the moments we will be able to appreciate during the festival. Also, two of our volunteers will participate as artists with a comic strip (Filip) and a poem (Lorenzo).

Don’t loose this opportunity to get to know a little bit better the ideas and mindsets of young people in Thessaloniki about Fascism, Nazism, discrimination and racism!

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