A Piece of Paradise: SANTORINI


After all these years dreaming about this one and only Greek island, I finally had the opportunity to visit my dreamland Santorini. No words can describe how I felt during the moment I got off the plane and was welcomed by a place surrounded by the eternal sun, steep slopes and big white lovely clouds. From Athens, arriving in Santorini National Airport takes no longer than 35 minutes. During the low season, it is highly possible to find cheap flights. It is also ok to take the ferry boat, but I recommend this option to the ones who wants to go there during the Summer (here you can search for your ferry tickets).

Santorini National Airport


For students who comes by plane, you will see several car rental companies in the airport… quickly pass through them and find the exit door. There will be a bus stop and a cab stand. If you wait for the bus, it costs you 3,60€. If you take a taxi, even the closest destination costs at least 15€. Apart from the airport, almost every travel expense costs the same (here you can have a look at the bus schedule and prices).

For the ones who want to spend a bit more, it is always better to rent a car, a motorbike or a quad. If you want to use one of them, I advise you to choose one from the airport in orther not to have to leave it in some other place at the end of your trip. If you prefer shuttles or private transfers, click here.

If you come by ferry, the options are more or less the same. You can take a local bus, shuttle, taxi or private transport up to your choice.

Do not use donkeys. Please, DON’T. Climb every step and enjoy the view σιγα σιγα. When you see those lovely donkeys whipped, you will understand what I mean.

A donkey in Santorini


Forget about CouchSurfing App, it’s not effective in Santorini; I invite you to visit our life saver website (booking.com). For sure you already know how to use it, so let me give you some useful tips for a comfy stay in Santorini:

I made a mistake by choosing a place that seemed to be close to the airport, but was actually not. You need transportation for every single spot in the island so, if you decide not to rent a vehicle, search for an accommodation marked as a perfect location. The villa that I stayed in, Kamari, was close to the bus stop and every time I tried to go somewhere I literally felt blessed.

The hotel that I stayed in

Secondly, look for a place near to the beaches, no matter in what season you decide to go. Santorini is all about sunrises and sunsets so, with a great view of the breathtaking waves, your trip definitely becomes a fairytale.

Lastly, Οία is always a good idea. It is a bit more expensive than the other regions but trust me, it makes what you pay for worth it. Every corner in the island is surrounded by the white houses and blue roofs, but the images that you add to your favourites on your Pinterest account are all taken in Οία.


Unfortunately I am not able to give an advise about the restaurants because I made my first “feast trip” during my days in Santorini. I had no single coins in my pocket to spend on food and I just ate a piece of cake during the three days I was there. Don’t make the same mistakes as me and have a budget for food! For travellers with a low budget, the island is full of supermarkets and the prices are not that different than the other regions in Greece. Take your cloth bag and go for it.

Photography Spots

Οία, Οία and Οία. If you have any single interest in photography and videography, spend one full day there. It actually takes approximately half an hour to have a look at Οία but when you go there, you will be begging for shooting every second of this fabulous spot. I had never seen a sky colour that changes in every second! You can see some photos of this paradise below.

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