Action for the protecion of Thessalonikis trees


On Saturday, December 17, a demonstration was held in the square of the Ancient Agora in Thessaloniki. Indeed, the municipality has planned to cut 41 trees in this historic square. According to autopsies, urban tree specialists have repeatedly stated that only a small percentage are at risk of falling and should be cut down. Citizens, USB and other organizations participated in this initiative, which organized by the Citizens’ Committee and Organizations of the Thessaloniki Tree Network. The Network aims to avoid the unnecessary felling of 2000 trees and the pruning of 40000 others.

photo by Elena Leiterer

The pruning would destroy the trees entirely. In a city that is sorely lacking in green space and urban plants, this measure is extreme. The AUTH scientific community warns about the consequences of the lack of vegetation in the urban area. This situation is repeated after hundreds of them were pruned or felled last year. It’s due to a lack of responsibility by the municipality regarding these trees.

On December 17, the communiqué called for the creation of a committee in collaboration with the AUTH forestry department. They met to study the care needs of trees in Thessaloniki and identify the ones that need to be cut down.

photo by Elena Leiterer

The committee will also decide on the pruning and maintenance of trees according to their needs. Also those of the city held by specialized staff.

But they also call for replanting the city’s 4,000 vacant pitches. These operations must be carried out by approved teams respecting good pruning practices and controlled by the Green Service.

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