Sorry, did you say you don’t like anime?


If you are looking at the anime viewers with a strange eye, I think I can change your mind in this article if you think they are watching children.

Something we’ve been familiar with since our childhood. Even though you see it as a cartoon, you realize that there is a culture that has lovers of all ages after we actually get some information and watch a few anime.

I want to start writing by talking about my adventure to start watching your own anime and that first anime that impressed me. The story begins as follows: At an age of (I think 5 or 6), my father takes me to a cinema hall that is about to close because of its unpopularity. As far as I remember, there was only us and another family in the hall. I didn’t know what to encounter, leave the anime aside, I was just getting to know what animations are. The movie I watched was “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

Howl’s Moving Castle, an anime movie
Howl’s Moving Castle

I was totally impressed by the movie. Of course, I don’t know how much I understood and also, more importantly, I was unaware of how this movie would affect my future life…

History of Anime – Differences between Western Production

The main difference between Japanese anime and Western animation is that anime is aimed at adults as well as children. In Japanese anime, owner production companies, from directors to voice actors, are getting a great respect and reputation in the community. This could be a main difference then the usual animation movies we know from the Western cinema.

Anime history dates back to the early 1900s, when many Japanese artists were influenced by Western animation and decided to create local content for Japan. It was very difficult back then because the materials were very expensive. Moreover, Japan was experiencing economic crises due to natural disasters and later wars.

In the 1940s, the first government-sponsored animated film was released in Japan. As the war ended, over the years manga began to become popular as a way of getting away from the situations the Japanese people were facing. Then anime followed.

Used mostly for anti-American propaganda during the war, anime had already become the world’s second largest animation producer after the war ended.

In the 1980s, Japanese anime developed further with the increase in visual quality thanks to a new generation of directors. Director/creator Hayao Miyazaki is undoubtedly one of the most important names in anime history (also my favorite director too). He created one of the most popular companies in 1985 “Studio Ghibli”

Anime director Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazakis work

Now I want to continue with some of my favorite anime series and anime movies. I will try to explain why I specifically liked the anime for you to choose which one to watch easily.

1 – Hotaru no haka (Grave of the Fireflies)

When I watched this movie about 2 years ago, I congratulated myself for not watching myself at an early age. Indeed, it is a film that is very emotionally loaded, and touches your heart with the details it contains in every scene.

Especially those who love drama and lovers of family themed content should watch!

Grave of the Fireflies, an anime movie
Grave of the fireflies

2 – Tōkyō Goddofāzāzu (Tokyo Godfathers)

Should I laugh or cry? This movie, which is a combination of absurd events but has a story that will warm your heart. The movie shows characters with different lives together. But the real question should be: how do they live? I can easily say this anime is in my top 3 anime of all time!

Tokyo Godfathers
Tokyo Godfathers

3 – Majo no Takkyūbin (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

This movie, produced by Studio Ghibli, has a very strong place in my heart. I probably watched it more than 5 times and every time I watch it I get a different feeling. I can easily observe how environmental factors bring me closer and further away from this film. Because I believe that the main character “Kiki” represents me and the city she lives in is a city that I can feel close to wherever I go.

Kikis Delivery Service
Kikis Delivery Service

4 – Sakasama no Patema (Patema Inverted)

One of the first anime movies I watched. I can say that fantasy fiction is far beyond many famous fantasy works. After watching it, I couldn’t help but wonder who came up with such an idea. Watch without any doubts and focus only on the magic of the story!

Patema Inverted
Patema Inverted

That’s all for now, I just tried to share my feelings so as not to give spoilers, but of course, you can get more detailed information about the movies on IMDb and see if they are in the genre you want!

I hope you give the anime a chance!

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