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Any plans for this week ?

Glad Festival poster
Glad film festival poster

Here we are : The great Thessaloniki film festival is over, but you cannot get enough, can you ?

Lucky you, from the 18 to the 21 of November will take place the 23rd edition of the GLAD film festival. It is a film festival that takes place each year in Thessaloniki with the support of other similar projects across Europe. The GLAD Film festival puts under the light the LGBTQI+ community by representing them in short or long films, which are screened to the public every afternoons and nights during those four days of event.

Moreover, the movies are competing to get the award for best long and best short for the event, the amount of the award is symbolic and depends on the income of the festival. The event takes place this year at the Warehouse 1 – Port, Averof Str., Thessaloniki 546 25 . Since it is near the city center and on the border of the ocean, you will have, on top of all the films, a nice place to wander around alone or with good company. From thursday at 6:00 PM to sunday at 9:15 PM, a lot of movies especially selected by the organisators of the festival will be screened. That is definitely a promise of a rich and varied content that will bring support and understanding to the queer community, because the directors are from all horizons and experiences.

The tickets can be bought online right here → Tickets for Thessaloniki International G.L.A.D. Film Festival – FilmFreeway
Know that you can still take one until the very day of the projection. Attention, the COVID is still part of the game; therefore, the places are limited to one hundred persons.

Now, here is the list of the films that will be screened :

Thursday :

6:00 pm →

Spring in Autumn, by Ghasideh Golmakani
Dustin, by Naïla Guiguet
Love X Bites, by M. Noe & Yupar Momo
Congenital, by Saman Hosseinpuor and Ako Zandkarimi
On my Way, by Sonam Larcin
Pagota, by Andreas Pavlou

9:00 pm →

Cross the night-Now, Daphne, by Johann G. Louis
Mississippi, by Anna-Katharina Schroeder
Madonna, by Stavros Markoulakis
Pappo E Bucco, by Antonio Losito
The Uninhabitable Ones, by Anderson Bardot
All the Women That I Am, by Katerina Stavrou

Friday :

6:00 pm →

Bellydance vogue, by Hadi Moussally
Flexible Choices, by Thodoris Vournas Endzeit
Berlin, by Toni Karat
Memoires of the (non)existent me, by Thiago Kistenmacker
Next of Kin, by Dean Marriott
Subject Spaces, by Katharina Voss

9:00 pm →

In Nature, by Marcel Barelli
The Call by Marios Psaras Barley, by Andrija Mugoša
Two, by Astar Elkayam

Saturday :

6:00 pm →

Offline, by Lui Avallos
Flamenco Queer, by Ana González & Frederick Bernas
Copi, by André Gevaerd
As Simple As That, by Luciana Bitencourt
Sheer Quorma, by Faraz Arif Ansari

9:00 pm →

AIDS DIVA: The Legend of Connie Norman by Dante Alencastre
Green thoughts, by William Hong-xiao Wei
The Last Sun Rays – Fury, by Johnnier Aristizábal
Unliveable, by Matheus Farias & Enock Carvalho

Sunday :

6:00 pm →

Outside the Aquarium, by Alex Mello
Roadkill, by Aliza Brugger
Fabiu, by Stefan Langthaler
Libertà, by Savino Carbone

9:00 pm →

Let there be colour, by Ado Hasanovic
Closed City, by Máté Konkol
The Extinction of Fireflies, by James Andrew Walsh

For further information such as summaries, you can also visit the official website of the 23rd Thessaloniki GLAD festival here → , where you will also be able to find contacts, more info about the films and anything you could possibly need.
The GLAD film festival can also be found on social media :
fb :
instagram :

In conclusion, the GLAD Festival is definitely worth your attention and deserves to be aknowleged. Some good times are to be spent on those nights, and good memories to be kept. So if you have time, please consider stopping by.

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