Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Episode 6: Ποντιακά (Pontos)

Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll is calling all stations to Πόντος, in the coast of the Black Sea. Our local informer is Βασίλης Γιορανίδης, and we will have the chance to have a deeper experience of the traditional music of Pontos, Ποντιακά, through the magnificient voice of Μελήνα Χατζικαμάνου – who presented the first live […]

Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Episode 5: Ρεμπέτικα ΙΙ (special)

We have already walked through the lands of pre-war Ρεμπέτικα, so in episode 5, the time has arrived to continue, by crossing the border and discover what’s out there, beyond the Second World War and τεκέδες! And what better guide than Σώτος Ζαχαριάδης – a painter of these musical landscapes and native speaker of μπουζούκι […]

Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Episode 4: Θρακιώτικα (Thrace)

Come aboard Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Βουζούκι & Roll! We suggest the dear listeners to take their best coat, as we are going to depart, together with Δημήτρης Χατζηπέμου, to a trip having Thrace as destination. Between Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish lands, the traditional music of Thrace, Θρακιώτικα, prevails nowadays. To get to know them goes hand […]

Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Episode 3: Ρεμπέτικα (special)

Beware: the present episode will have double the action and triple the excitement! Not only will a new presenter… be… presented – as we will be set in an adventure, together with Δημήτρης Μαυροματάκης, through one of the most important traditions of Greek music, Ρεμπέτικα. The Greek Blues, as some say! The present edition will […]

Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Episode 2: Ethnic Jazz & Fusion (special)

Μάρκος Χατζηαθανασίου was the chosen surgeon for the second episode of Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll, in order to dissect what Ethnic Jazz and the Hellenistic musical roots have been up to. This Ethnic Jazz & Fusion special episode will open a Pandora’s Box filled with the most surprising combinations of musical influences. Additional material for […]

Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Episode 1: Ερωτόκριτος (Crete)

In the first episode of Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll, our colleague Κατερίνα Σταύρου will explore Ερωτόκριτος, a folkloric tradition originated in the island of Crete during its Renaissance period. Every Thursday at 21h00, we take off!  Song list (by order of appearance): 1. O Trohos Tis Miras, by Nίκος Ξυλούρης + Rizes, by Nίκος Ξυλούρης […]

Random Radio Show Greece

Random Radio Show #1: We’re starting, babe

The brand new radio show is here. Produced by Agnieszka, Cristi, Martin and from the next episode hopefully also Wali (this guy is always traveling 😀 ). Big ευχαριστώ belongs to the guys from Infinity Greece because we are “exploiting” their radio equipment 😉 This time we were talking about our impressions from life in Greece, about lovely taverna culture and also share some travel stories. Stay tuned for more, because this is just the start 😀