Home Media Lab Magazine Here’s what you missed in 2020 – Balkan Beats 34

Here’s what you missed in 2020 – Balkan Beats 34

Here’s what you missed in 2020 – Balkan Beats 34

It feels as if there is nothing permanent but 2020, the endless year.

Everyone experiences a struggle at some point in time; these struggles can make us better and stronger. Maybe the aim of the struggle we’ re dealing with now is to start from scratch, from our personal strengths and weaknesses to the way we organize society. We’ve had pandemics in the past, from plagues to Spanish flu and Ebola and, most likely, Covid-19 is not going to be the last one. We can’t avoid the unavoidable, but we can work on ourselves and our society and focus on what’s important. This struggle has exposed all of our weak spots; it has catalysed social movements, racial and political, that we were distracted from when life was “normal”.With this edition of Balkan Beats, we want to show you the other side of 2020, and make you see some of the things that have escaped your attention.

Volunteer life

Volunteer voice

To make love in pandemic times

USB News

2020 around the world

Local Life

Every day

We keep working just to have a plate on our table everyday

Will the curtain over the cultural sector in Thessaloniki rise again?

Out of the Borders


Belorusian protests in 2020

Black Lives Matter


All you need to know about RCEP, the worlds largest economic trade agreement


Intersectional environmentalism


Colorado is off death row


Hyperloop: more than just a pipe dream?

Mix Fix


Creation and destruction, the essence of existentialism

The choir of a storm


Unlock, up

Weapons of Existence

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