Balkan Beats 27 – Movement


Just in the beginning of hot summer days, we are happy to announce that 27th edition of Balkan Beats is online now! In this edition, we have concentrated on the topic “Movement.” That allowed our volunteers to feel free expressing all the different ideas they had.

Movement is something that links to summer, holidays, our society nowadays and simply our everyday life. That’s why we think that in this edition everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

Something for everyone

Page 12 takes us back in time and our team gave short summaries about documentaries they saw in 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. And another article of a documentary seen on this festival about women’s rights on page 41 by Marleen Müts. In addition, Francesco Cirica wrote about a game, that expects no physical movement, but helps to see the world from a refugee’s shoes (page 54).

Movement can really be in the way of actual meaning of the word. USB sends every month people to Europe with Erasmus+. Some of them are talking about their experiences on page 4. Our guest writer Manuela Locci is talking about her travel to Jordan (page 47). Don’t miss it! Martin Naništa took part in 14th Alexander the Great Marathon and ran 42 kilometers. He is expressing his emotions about this experience on page 17.

However, sometimes the word movement can have a more complicated background. On page 28, André Cruz is talking about Eurovision and the boycott movement connected to this year’s contest. Be sure not to miss it! And sometimes movement is even prevented. Arianna Salan wrote about this on page 37.

Books, stories of people living in Thessaloniki, Easter traditions all over the world, best places to enjoy summer in Thessaloniki. All this and a lot more in this edition of Balkan Beats. Read, enjoy and share!

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