Discovering Thessaloniki’s Cool Vintage Shop: 90s Closet


Chat with the owner Maria

In the lively streets of Thessaloniki, there’s a special place where old meets new in the world of fashion. It’s called 90s Closet, a popular spot for finding unique clothes with history. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Maria, the visionary behind this hotspot, to delve into the journey of entrepreneurship and the ethos driving her business.

Maria’s adventure in selling second-hand clothes started when she was a student. “I began by selling my own old clothes for very little money,” she tells me with a smile. Back then, she never imagined it would become her full-time job, but she fell in love with it along the way.

Choosing the clothes for her store is no easy task. Maria gets them from different places. She travels to other cities to find hidden gems in thrift stores, and she also buys clothes from big warehouses where they sell them by weight.

Sustainability lies at the core of 90s Closet’s business model, driving Maria’s mission to combat the fast-fashion epidemic. “It is my main goal to reduce fast fashion production,” she asserts firmly, embodying the ethos of conscious consumerism that defines her store.

Navigating the path of entrepreneurship has not been without its challenges for Maria. “I had an accountant who helped me a lot, and I worked in cafes and stores to make ends meet,” she recounts, emphasizing the resilience and determination that have propelled her forward. Leveraging the power of social media has also been instrumental in building and maintaining her customer base. “I communicate through social media, especially stories,” Maria explains. Right now 21,8 tsd people are following her on Instagram.

Maria’s commitment to giving back is evident through events, bazaars, and initiatives such as giving away free clothes, fostering a sense of camaraderie and goodwill within the community.

As we gaze into the future, Maria’s vision for 90s Closet extends beyond the borders of Thessaloniki. “I want to participate in second-hand pop-ups in bigger cities and other countries,” she shares ambitiously, underscoring her aspirations for growth and expansion.

For aspiring young entrepreneurs embarking on their own ventures, Maria offers sage advice born of experience. “Don’t think about it too much. If it is something that you love, you will succeed,” she imparts, encapsulating the essence of passion-driven entrepreneurship.

As I leave Maria and her colorful shop behind, I’m reminded of how important it is to pursue what you love and make a positive impact on the world. Thanks to Maria, Thessaloniki has a little bit more style and a whole lot of heart.

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