Color Fest Thessaloniki, the day to live and love as a child again!

Balkan Hotspot volunteers at the Color Fest Thessaloniki 2017

The “Day of Colors” is a celebration of joy, organized by the group SFINA. According to the organizers, it is a day dedicated to human communication, life, love, and unity. The celebrations begin at noon and gradually develop with team games and colors exploding. ‘The Day of Colors’ was influenced by ‘Holi’, which is a Hindi spring festival that is celebrated in India and Nepal. However, in Greece, the celebration has no religious meaning and the only goal is to create smiles, SFINA says. This year, the festival is taking place in Kalamaria on the 2nd of September, from 11:00 until 00:00.

This year Balkan Hotspot is joining SFINA in their 7th annual “Day of Colors” in Kalamaria. Our volunteer interviewed one of the organizers Mario Ermitikos.

Color Fest Thessaloniki 2017
Balkan Hotspot volunteers at the Color Fest Thessaloniki 2017

What is the main purpose of this festival?
Τhe main purpose of the festival is to feel like a child again. To spread love and communicate with each other. Get colorful, dirty and let go of any inhibitions.

How did you choose the location/venue for an event?
The venue was chosen because of its proximity to the sea, its accessibility to the city center and of its availability for the 3G signal.

What are your priorities when choosing a location/venue?
To be original, beautiful as a scenery, be safe and controllable, have loads of parking space and all of the above.

Who are your partners when organizing an event?
Every year they are different. Either local authorities, dance schools, cultural departments.

How many times have you organized this festival before?
The day of colors was the first ever color festival in Greece and it has been organized for seven connective years now.

How many bands will take the stage?
Two bands and more surprises!

What else should we expect to see there?
Dance groups, performers, stilt walkers, a huge air balloon.

Maybe specific styles of dances? Or other activities/ performances?
Bungee trampoline, a water slide, a large fun bag and paintball.

About how many have visited the festival in previous years?
Around 12,000 people are approximately visiting every year.

Any useful tips before attending the event?

Wear something white and a bathing suit underneath. Be prepared to get dirty and wear your biggest smile.

So prepare your smiles and white clothes for the 2nd of September and let’s make our day the most colorful and unforgettable! For the Facebook event, click here!

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  1. It really sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could go, but sadly I will not be in Thessaloniki on that day 🙁


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