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Youth Centers located in Turkey are centres that organize artistic, social, cultural and educational activities, historical and cultural trips, camps and sports activities. Their purpose is to help young people evaluate their free time and direct young people to social, cultural, artistic and sporting activities. Also they contribute to the development of young people, provide guidance and counselling to young people and raise awareness of young people against harmful habits. Bolu Youth Center is one of the 193 youth centres located in Turkey. All youth centres are affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the necessary materials and expenses for the youth centre are covered by the Ministry.

I have been working as a volunteer youth leader at Bolu Youth Center for two years. 

What is a volunteer youth leader, and what do they do?

The “volunteer youth leader” voluntarily participates in all kinds of youth and sports activities conducted by the ministry or youth centres. As a leader you work in the camps, trips, training, and preparatory activities related to these activities. They can participate in activities without getting any payment at any time or occasion they want and help youth leaders in organizations. Moreove volunteer youth leaders take a position as an event supervisor in events where there is no youth leader. In general anyone can apply for volunteer youth leadership and the applications are evaluated and finalized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Bolu Youth Center

Bolu Youth Center

Moreover there are units that provide coordination between the Ministry and Youth leaders. Youth leaders are responsible for organizing youth center events, accompanying young people, protecting them from harmful habits and ensuring their development in the field of art, culture and society. In fact, they are an older brother and an older sister for teenagers. They are the friends who support us in our bad times, with whom we share our troubles. All other staff working at the youth center deal with young people with the same attitude and behaviour. That is why there is a family environment within the institution. A very big family…

So what can be done at the Bolu Youth center?

All courses held at the youth center are free of charge and the materials to be used for the course you are attending are given to you. The only requirement for the courses is that you are at the appropriate age. All courses are grouped with workshops that the youth leader takes care of and organizes each workshop.

Within the scope of the fine arts workshop, there are philography, marbling, jewellery design art, watercolour, theatre education courses.

As well as a personal development workshop, diction, speed reading, and mind games courses.


Further they are innovation workshop, there are robotic coding, three-dimensional design and computer management courses.

Also a healthy living and sports workshop, there is a traditional Turkish archery course. Furthermore a local folk dance course and various dance courses take place.

They provide a language workshop, many different activities such as language courses, conversation clubs, movie nights, and game days. Sports Provincial Directorate Project Office and the Bolu Youth Center. Bolu Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports Project Office is the supporting and host organization for ESC. The Bolu Project Office is one of the leading institutions in Turkey in ESC.

Bolu Youth Centers activities

Youth centers are an important location for university communities. It makes it easier for university communities to plan events and carry out planned events. Further necessary material support and transportation support are provided for the event to be held.

Additionally Bolu Aladağ Youth Camp, which is 40 km away from the center in Bolu, is also used for camping. The camps are completely free of charge. Accommodation, meals and transportation are provided for the camp. 

Moreover activities such as handicrafts, music, artificial climbing, orienteering, paintball, canoeing etc.. As well as lake trips to Gölcük, Abant, Yedi Göller and excursions to historical places, Mudurnu and Göynük can be experienced during the camp visits.



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